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Game doesn’t start or do not run after ‘Preparing to Launch’ - Fix

When you double click the game exe and game do not starts or message comes ‘Preparing to Launch’ and nothing happened then message disappear. It might be several causes of this issue, try the solutions below.

Possible Solution 1: Make sure the windows you have using is fully updated or up to date. A full update window includes the Microsoft .Net Framework, DirectX, Service Packs, Visual C++ etc.

Possible Solution 2: You should also install the game’s Redist programs which are included most of the games like Game for Windows Live, DirectX, PhysX, C++ and some windows updates. If you didn’t find these programs then go to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Game\.

Possible Solution 3: Also make sure you have updated your all hardware drivers including Graphic Card, Motherboard, and Audio drivers, to get latest drivers for your hardware read out article How to get Latest Drivers for your Hardware for best game performance?

Possible Solution 4: Verify the game cache files because it may also cause of corruption in extracted game files, how to verify the game cache read our article.

Possible Solution 5: You should disable all background applications especially Antivirus Programs, Internet Security Programs and Firewalls. These are main causes of these issues. If problem didn’t get solved the also try to complete uninstall these programs.

Possible Solution 6: Read our General Fixes for Game Problems and Issues.

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