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Game Freezing, Low or Bad FPS, Crashing and Black Screen after Intro Video Fixes

Game Freezing, lagging, Low or Bad Framerates Fix

If you game running tow slow, lagging, freezing or having low or bad Framerates then you can try below solutions.

  • First of all, Make sure you have up to date your all hardware drivers including of Graphic Card drivers, to get latest drivers, read our article How to get Latest Drivers for your Hardware for best game performance?
  • Try to run game in lower graphic settings.
  • If game has Motion Blur, Shadows and Triple Buffering have ‘ON’ then set them off to get smoothness and more performance in game.

Game Crashes, Freezes or Getting Black Screen after intro Video – Fix

If your game is crashing, freezing, having Black Screen during gameplay or Black Screen after intro video then try solutions below.

  1. Exit steam completely
  2. Create new folder in drive where steam is installed (Default “C” Drive)
  3. Copy steam folder to new folder
  4. Control panel -> uninstall program
  5. Uninstall steam
  6. Download steam from
  7. Install steam to standard install directory (c:\prog files(x86)\steam or whatever it is)
  8. Log in to steam
  9. Double click on steam program, wait for download to begin
  10. After 10-30 seconds, pause download and exit steam completely
  11. Copy steam\steamapps\common\Game to the new \common\Game folder. overwrite all (this will take 7-10 min depending on drive speed.)
  12. When transfer is complete, load steam
  13. Click on game, let it “download”. Steam will check the existing files
  14. Launch the game.

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