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Game isn’t installing through Origin




This issue can occur because the user account currently in use may not have the access level needed to install the game or the computer's security settings may be keeping the game from completing install. 

To resolve this issue: 

  1. Close Origin. 
  2. Right-click the Origin icon on your desktop and select Run As Administrator. 

This will run Origin as an administrator and should allow the game to install. 

Still unable to install the game: 

  • Close Origin. 
  • Click the Windows button and type "UAC" in the search field. 
  • In the User Access Control window that appeared, click-and-hold the slide bar and slide it to the lowest setting available. 
  • Click Ok at the bottom of the window. 
  • Open Origin and attempt to complete the game install by clicking "Install" on the selected game. 




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