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How to get Latest Drivers for your Hardware for best game performance?

Updating drivers of Graphic Cards, Sound and other peripherals are highly recommended for best performance and avoid most of crashes and error. To get latest drivers of your Hardware, check below.

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Graphic Card Drivers

There are three main manufacturer companies of Graphic Cards, and here are the links to get latest drivers of your Graphic Cards.

For NVidia Notebook graphic cards, download from Here, and for AMD Radeon users can download latest drivers from Here.

Sound Drivers

Select the manufacturer of your sound card and get the latest driver.

Motherboards Drivers

If your motherboard manufacturer isn’t in listed then Google it manually and download the latest drivers for your Motherboard.

System Vendors

If your computer assembled as complete system and you want to download and upgrade your hardware drivers then go with your selected one below.

Other Important Components

You should also have updated with other important components like DirectX, NVidia PhysX and Microsoft Visual C++ because there are many of games which require these component. To download or update, check the following links to your requirement.

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