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GTA V PS3 / Xbox360 Freezes, Crashes, Mission Glitches, Bad Disc Signs and Language Issue

The PS3 and Xbox360 versions of Grand Theft Auto V may also have some serious problems and issues. Installation problem, mission glitches, crashes, Story Progression problems, Bad Disc Signs and their fixes are included. Check below the full guide with fixes tips and tricks.


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GTA V Bad Disc Problems and Issues

If you are facing problems like random and intermittent crashes, freezes and glitches at the random places, and you have try all possible solution like clear Cache, delete game data, delete the save game, but nothing works, it must be Disc problem. You must change your GTA V Disc from the retailer.

There are also some other problem cause of Bad Disc:

  • No Dialogues Audio, Voice and No Audio at all.
  • GTA V stuttering or freezing in random places, missions or loading screens
  • Graphic glitches occurs such as falling from floor randomly and dying
  • Text appearance problem
  • PS3 turn off automatically
  • Crash to dashboard
  • Unable to install the game to hard drive or stuck during installation.

GTA V Xbox360/PS3 Stuck / Freeze during Installation

When you are trying to install the GTA V in Xbox360 or PlayStation 3, you may face various problem such as your console stuck or freezes during installation, check the solutions below:

For PlayStation 3

  1. Delete GTA V data from PS3 Game Data Utility in the PS3 XMB System Menu. Then retry.
  2. Start installation from the XMB system screen. If problem persists, use another storage device.

For Xbox360

  1. First of all, delete any GTA V install data from storage device
  2. Now clear Xbox360 cache by going to System Settings>Storage>Highlight Storage Device and Press Y>Choose Clear Cache>Confirm
  3. Now start the installation again, hope it works.

For more guidance, read our article, GTA V Installation Guide for PS3 and Xbox360.

GTA V – Stuck at the Container Handler in The Port Heist Setup as Trevor

As playing with Trevor, and during mission ‘The Port heist 1 – Setup’, you may stuck at the container handler. To solve this problem, it is recommended following behind Floyd to the container handler. If you already stuck then reload the recent save game and keep behind follow Floyd.

How to change the language in GTA V

The languages also can depend on console settings. You will be promoted a language selector window, if your console language is not supported in GTA V. If you can change language manually, follow the below steps:

Xbox360: Hold LB + RB while booting the game

PlayStation3: Hold L1 + R1 while booting the game. You can also do it by deleting your game data from PS3 Game Data Utility in the PS3 XMB System Menu.

Check this to take a look at the list of supported languages and region-lock information of Grand Theft Auto 5.

GTA V – Mobile Phone Stuck / Freeze or Not Responding on Selecting ‘Internet’

When you try to select ‘Internet’ from in-game mobile phone in GTA V, it becomes stuck, freeze or un-responding and can’t get work back. A temporary fix is, just reload the game to the previous save game and the permanent fix will be fix in patch.

GTA V – Lester’s Garment Factory’s Door Locked in the Agency Heist

During the mission Agency Heist, the door of the Lester’s Garment Factory may lock. It is cause of failure of mission and not to retry the Agency Heist Setup. So retry the mission and do it, you can do it.

GTA V – Stuck / Freeze / Hang on Loading Screen after Choosing a Replay a Mission

On the mission failure, when you choose to replay a mission, GTA V’s loading screen stuck, freeze or hang. This problem is usually occur during a mission replay of ‘The Jewel Store job prep’ or when retrying the mission after failing when acquiring the pest control van. A solution at this mission may be avoid of failing the mission at this particular point or to attempt this mission during the day, as it is possible the issue is caused by a scenario scripted to happen at night time.

GTA V – Can’t Complete Hunting 2

In hunting elk, next objective does not seem to be triggering after killing the elk, try moving away from the elk and the re-approach the corpse.  That should force the objective to trigger, and you can then send a photo to Cletus.

GTA V – Screen Stuck after Passing a Parachute Event

After completing the Parachuting event, you can’t continue. This problem occurs if you complete the event after failing it previously. You can press the A Button in Xbox360 or X Button in PS3 to continue. Because interact button may missing from the screen.

GTA V – Can’t Trigger the Last Part of the Merryweather Heist

In the Merryweather Heist mission, you may not trigger the final part of the Port of LS Heist. This part may be lock; you must complete other missions as other characters such as The Long Stretch, Hood Safari, and the third FIB mission.

To complete the third FIB mission, you need to receive a phone call while playing as Trevor or Michael. Switch to those characters and make sure your in-game phone is on.

GTA V – Mission Icons Color Information

In the map of GTA V, different icons related to different characters. Such as Orange for Trevor, Green for Franklin and Blue for Michael. On the selection of a character, the related color icon will be large. For example, if you switch to Franklin, the Green Icons for missions will appear larger than the orang and green icons.

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