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Assassin’s Creed 3: Every Hunting Animal Location Guide

In Assassin’s Creed 3 a new job was added to do, to enjoy more, you can hunt down the animal at different locations. Many animals was added in Assassin’s Creed 3 like, Deer, Fox, Bear, Hare and many others… you can hunt them all with you weapons, but you can set up traps, can throw Baits or just chase them to hunt.

Here on this page you can find all the animals that you can hunt in the game. Also the locations of the different animals. You can skin the hunted animals and can sell their skins at the market or can use them to craft different items in the crafting menu.

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Animals Locations:

Here is the list all animals and their locations

Location: Lexington


Hare, Fox, Deer, Raccoon

Location: Black Creek


Beaver, Hare, Elk, Bobcat

Location: Kanien:keh


Fox, Hare, Deer, Cougar

Location: Troy’s Wood


Deer Hare, Wolf, Elk

Location: Scotch Plains


Deer, Raccoon, Hare, Cougar

Location: John’s Town


Bear, Elk, Fox, Hare

Location: Valley Forge


Elk, Hare, Beaver, Raccoon

Location: Concord


Raccoon, Hare, Beaver, Deer

Location: Packanack


Bear, Hare, Bobcat, Beaver

Location: Great Piece Hills


Bobcat, Hare, Wolf, Elk

Location: Monmouth


Hare, Fox, Raccoon, Elk

Location: Diamond Basin


Deer, Cougar, Beaver, Wolf

Location: Davenport Homestead


Elk, Fox, Deer, Hare, Wolf, Beaver, Raccoon

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