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Assassin’s Creed 3: How to Unlock Manor Trophies Guide

There are many unlockables and collectibles to be found in Assassin's Creed 3. They range from single and multiplayer unlocks to trophies. Here on this page we will guide you how you can unlock every single Manor Trophy in the singleplayer mode in Assassin’s 3 Creed 3.

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Manor Trophies (Look At Them In The Manor)

Here is the list of all Manor trophies that you can unlock in the game.

Know it All

How to unlock:

All Sequences 100% complete

More Than Stories

How to unlock:

All Side Missions 100% complete

Anchors Aweigh

How to unlock:

All Naval Locations 100% complete

New York Liberation

How to unlock:

New York Liberation Missions 100% complete

Boston Liberation

How to unlock:

Boston Liberation Missions 100% complete

Free the People

How to unlock:

Liberate all Forts

The Art of Conversation

How to unlock:

All ambient conversation with Connor complete

A Place Called Home

How to unlock:

Upgrade all workers completely


How to unlock:

All Ship Upgrades purchased

Spoils of War

How to unlock:

10 Convoys attacked

Friends in High Place

How to unlock:

All Recruits to Assassin rank

Boston Exploration

How to unlock:

Map of Boston with no more fog

New York Exploration

How to unlock:

Map of New York with no more fog

Frontier Exploration

How to unlock:

Map of the Frontier with no more fog

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