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Batman Arkham City Strategy Guide To Kill Bosses

In Batman: Arkham City, there are 8 Bosses where you need to kill them one by one to continue your game but its not easy so our guides will help you to kill all bosses easily and without dying so check out the Guides:







Mister Hammer

The first boss in Batman Arkham City is called Mister Hammer. He is a one armed buff dude with a sledge hammer. This boss guide will help you beat him and his goons in no time. Let’s go, First thing for the Batman Arkham City Mister Hammer boss guide is his moves. He only has one arm so he really doesn’t have many moves. His first move is just a swing or swipe with his hammer. He will get in attack position then swing at you. Pretty simple just double tap jump to dodge the attack, His second attack he does is a jump attack. He will squat down then jump at you and try to hit you with his hammer. You can dodge his one as well. He has a group of other bad guys with him. Hitting Mister Hammer with your electric gun will make him spin with his hammer and hurt his allies. Try to use this to your advantage.

Now on to the fight part of the Batman Arkham City Mister Hammer boss guide. Once the fight starts try to take out a couple of the other goons first. If you have a clear shoot at Mister Hammer hit him with the electric gun. With some luck he will bring down a guy or two. Take down all his goon buddies first while using him as a spinning hammer of death. This will keep him disabled for a couple seconds while you take out any goons he doesn’t hit. After you bring them down it is time to drop the hammer. Move in and strike him. Batman will strike him really fast but you still have to dodge any attacks he throws at you. Just dodge his attack and hit him and after a two minutes you will have won the fight.

Getting Past Penguin

When you finally reach Penguin in Batman Arkham City you will have to get past him. He has Freeze’s gun so he can’t be hit by normal means. This guide will help you get past him without even being hit. First off for the Batman Arkham City getting past Penguin guide is his moves. Well he only has one move but Freeze’s gun has more than one ability. First off he will try to shoot you with the gun. Avoiding this is fairly simple just wait behind cover until he stops firing then go past. Being hit will hurt you quite a bit but you can take a couple hits. He will always fire where he thinks you are going to go so be careful when you go from cover to cover. The guns second ability is a shield. Penguin can’t be hit by anything until you disable the gun.

Now for the tricky part of the Batman Arkham City getting past Penguin guide. First off you have to dodge his ice blasts. Just stay behind cover until he stops firing then go to the next cover point. Keep doing this until you can see Penguin and can run to him. Equip your ice gun disabler and be ready. He will say something like “Come on Batman this one is free” or something like that. Walk towards him with that equipped and use it as you move towards him. His gun wills be disabled and you can punch him.

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy is the first true boss in Batman Arkham City. He is huge and supposedly immortal. Thisguide will help you bring him when you face of with him. So let’s get started. First off for the Batman Arkham City Solomon Grundy boss guide is his moves. He has two wrecking balls on his hands that he can spin around so always be wary of that. So his first move involves the chain. He can swing it round and round or just slam it on your head. Either way all you have to do is dodge out of the way. Getting to close to him will result in him grabbing you and throwing you. Unless you have him disabled keep your distance. As the fight progresses his wrecking ball will become electric and he can slam it on the ground and make a shock wave. Kind of like a mini game in Mario Party just wait for it to get close and jump over it. He will also send out electric maggots which you can use avoid or just spam the batarang at them.

Now on to the fight part of the Batman Arkham City Solomon Grundy boss guide. First off you will be told how to use your explosive gel quickly so make a note of it. You should see three lit up areas on the floor. While they are orange use the gel on them then detonate it. If they are blue that means electricity is going through them so don’t walk into it. The whole time he will be fighting with you. You have to avoid his attacks then break all three of the panels. It is fairly simple to do at the moment. After this part he will get more aggressive and the floor panels will be protected. When it is closed you can’t put gel on it so blow it up. Wait for them to open then put gel on it. Do not detonate unless the panel is open or else it won’t count. At this point Grundy will be swinging his wrecking ball a lot more which means you are going to have to dodge a lot more. If it comes down to planting the gel or dodging the attack just dodge. Take your time avoiding his attacks then planting the gel. It may take a couple minutes but you will eventually disable all the panels.

Once you do start to punch him and bring him down. After that you will be prompted to finish off him off. Do so and he will grab you. He will crawl over to the generator. Once he is there you will have top spam a button and escape. Do so and the last part of the fight will begin. Now he is raging and will be slamming his ball down to create some shock waves. Jump then when you see the wave get close and either avoid the maggots or batarang them. You still need to blow up the panels on the floor but they will shoot electricity much more frequently. Take your time slow and steady will win the race here. After taking out all three go back to Grundy and punch him down. After that the Penguin will jump down and round 2 with him will start.

Ra’s Al Ghul

The next boss in Batman Arkham City is Ra’s Al Ghul. For those of you who don’t know he has revived himself many times over the years and is mostly immortal. This guide will help you burn him down before he can beat you. Let’s do it. First thing for the Batman Arkham City Ra’s Al Ghul boss guide is his moves. He has a lot and will often send out sandmen clones to attack you as well. His first move is his simple sword attacks. He will jump out from his clones and try to slice you. You can dodge this because he does jump a bit beforehand. If you see him in the air just dodge left or right because he is coming after you. After beating his clones and doing some damage to him he will make a barrier or sand clones then make a large one of him. Behind the sand clones is the actual guy you want to hit. During this he will do three things. He will throw throwing stars at you, who are easily avoided, try to smash you with his hand if you get to close, and launch blades from the sand at you. The blades are the hardest to dodge because after you hit a few times he will start to predict your movements and place the blades in spots that are hard to avoid.

His last attack is after you beat the giant form. He will jump out of the sand at you and you have to counter over and over. After that you can beat him down a bit. The sand clones will do damage if you let them hit you do try to bring them down fast. Now for the fight part of the Batman Arkham City Ra’s Al Ghul boss guide. When the fight starts it is just you and an empty desert. Move around a bit and Ra’s will jump down at you. Attempt to hit him then he will send out some clones. Make short work of them while avoiding the blade dash from Ra’s. At this point he will sink into the sand and make a large clone of himself and many little ones to protect his body. There are a couple gaps in between the smaller clones where you can hit Ra’s with your electric gun. Still he will try to hit you with throwing stars and his 5 blades. At first the blades can easily be dodged by simply rolling away from them so do so. After a few hits he will sink back into the sand.

After a second or two he will pop out and you need to do a lot of countering. After you catch his blade and put it to his neck you will be back in the real world. Talia will tell you to kill him and he will want you to. Being Batman and all you won’t of course but we did do some damage! After the brief scene you will be back in the desert and about 20 guys will pop out of the sand and try to jump you. Just hit the counter button and wait for them to land. Once they do you will get a large multiplier and knock them all back. In this mash of people Ra’s is hidden and will try to hit you so avoid his blade dash when he is out. You need to beat all of them which aren’t top hard. If you take too long they will pop back into the sand and try to jump you again. Don’t worry the ones beaten will stay down and you just have to finish the rest. After that hit Ra’s if you can then he will make the giant clone again.

This is pretty much the same from last time but two things change. First off the gap in between clones is much smaller so you will have to do much more running. Second off the blades will be placed better. Instead of just rolling out of the way you may have to roll back the way you came in order to dodge them. This often means you will miss a hit or two but taking a hit from the blades may lead to a second hit from Ra’s so just do the dodge. After a few hits the giant clone will disappear. Ra’s will pop out of the sand and you will have to counter again. Do so until you can beat him down a bit and you will be back in the real world. At this point Ra’s will take his daughter hostage and tell you kill him or he kills her. You will get out the homing Batarang and have to lock onto him with it. Once you do that throw it it will curve around and hit him in the back. Batman will take his blood and you will get a cut scene.

Mr. Freeze

The next boss in Batman Arkham City is Mr. Freeze. A head on approach against Freeze will mean death so we will have to play kind of stealthy this time around. This guide will help you bring him down really quickly. Let’s do it. First off for the Batman Arkham City Mr. Freeze boss guide is his moves. He doesn’t have much but I’ll still go over them. First off is his gun. If you remember Penguin shooting it at you it really hasn’t changed. In all honesty in this fight you are really hiding a lot so you shouldn’t be hit by it much. If you try to hit him head on he will put his shield up and knock you back. This will lead to a blast or punch from him.

Lastly after you do some damage you will hear a beep. If you don’t run he will do an AoE shock wave and do some damage to you. Now on to the fight portion of the Batman Arkham City Mr. Freeze boss guide. As soon as the fight starts Oracle will send you a thing on Freeze’s suit. Presses select to check them out. This basically goes over how to hurt him. A direct approach will not work. There are about 12 different ways to hurt him and you can do what you want but I will go over how I did it. Always stay out of his sight unless he is stunned. I am playing on normal and it took 5 hits but I assume on hard it will take more. First thing you want to do is waiting for him to pass you. Stay behind something and watch his path with detective mode. You can see him walk like this. Once he passes do a silent take down from behind and he will be stunned. After that go punch him in the face until you do damage to his health bar. After that he will say something like that won’t work twice. Be sure to move before he gets up and hurts you.

Like he said you cannot use the same tactic twice. So we will have to use a variety of abilities. If you want to try something I don’t go for it. The next thing I did was electrocute him in the water. There are a couple areas that you can go into and you will basically be stuck waiting for Freeze to come. One of these areas has a button in it that leads to a downed wire. As Freeze approaches the wire hit the button and he will be disabled. Be sure to wait for the electricity to clear then bash him some more. Next I did a glide kick. All the gargoyles are frozen so you will have to do this from a rail. Once you see an opportunity jump on the rail and glide kick him. He will be knocked over and you can then punch him some more.

After that I did the ledge take down. Climb on a ledge and wait for freeze to pass by it. Or watch freeze go up some stairs then climb to that ledge. Either way once he is in grabbing distance grab him and he will be knocked out. Go punch him a bit then you will have to take him down one more time. The last thing I did was use the Line gun to kick him in the side of the head. Once you see Freeze walking on the opposite ledge of you launch the gun in front of him and you should hit him in the face. Knock him out and you will have won the fight.


The next boss in Batman Arkham City is Clayface. He is one of those guys that Batman typically has a hard time bringing down and it is true here as well. This guide will help you bring him down when you next meet. The first thing for the Batman Arkham City Clayface boss guide is his moves. He actually has a ton of moves but they all revolve around the same thing, his clay. He can make his arms into many things but they are all dodge able. His first move as stated above is his clay arms. He can make them into blades hammers or just plain punch you. All of it is the same though in the case of dodging roll away from it and you will be fine. His second move just has him flinging clay in a circle for a couple seconds. This is also easily dodged by jumping left or right.

His last move is when he turns into a giant clay ball and tries to ram you. This can be dodged but what you really want to do here is make it so he hits the explosives in the 4 corners of the room when he does this. Lastly in the second part of the fight he will make clay clones which are easily killed and you can get a decent combo multiplier going. Now for the fight part of the Batman Arkham City Clayface boss guide. As soon as the fight started for me he started spitting clay at me. So be ready to dodge right at the start of the fight. He will likely do 3-4 attacks before he does his clay ball charge. After you dodge any of his attacks do a quick freeze bomb a couple times in order to damage him.

Once he forms his giant clay ball run towards one of the corners and make sure he hits it. Once he does he will explode and take massive damage and be put in the middle of the room. While this is happening spam freeze bombs until he reforms and get ready to dodge again. He will try a couple of different clay fist attacks this time but they are all still easily dodged able. Just be sure that after you dodge you be ready for a second swing or smash from him. Once you juke him twice hit he with a freeze bomb or two and he will do his clay ball again. Make sure he hits the explosives then freeze him. At this point he will likely be fully frozen and you will pull the sword out from him. After that just start swinging and hope you can break him before he thaws, If you do good job if not you will have to make him explode one or two more times. No big deal it just means the fight will go on longer and you will have to do a bit more dodging.

Now for the second part of the fight you will be dropped into a different room. Down here Clayface is already somewhat disabled but he will send clay clones at you. Beat them down a bit and you should notice is an orange bar by his health bar filling up. Once it reaches full Clayface will spit at you. Dodge the clay then throw an ice bomb in his mouth. Then he will go back to goo. He will keep sending out clay guys at you until he is dead. They die very quickly and you can get a good combo going if you avoid Clayface’s spit. Still when Clayface reforms try to focus on him more than the clones. After you fully freeze him focus on him and you will have won the fight.

Finding Nora Freeze

Most of the side quests in Batman Arkham City are fairly simple and they will lead you right to where you need to be. This one on the other hand only leads you to the general area. This guide will help you in finding Nora Freeze. Let’s get started. First off in order to us the Batman Arkham City finding Nora Freeze guide you need to actually beat Mr. Freeze. After you beat him he will ask for help and of course Batman will accept. Now on to the finding part of the Batman Arkham City finding Nora Freeze guide. When you get the quest put it on your tracker from the map. This will lead you to Joker’s play land. Once you land it will prompt you to find her.

Now I activated detective vision and scouted the area. The door we want to go through it protected by two armed guys and there are a few people roaming around the door as well. Above the door is a sign that reads Sionis industries and to the left is a Joker’s Funland sign. Drop the two goons and anyone else that tries to fight back and attempt to open the door. It is locked so we need to find a new way in.

Head up to the roof and look off the right side. You should see a boat floating there. Glide down to it and you will see a wall you can break with the explosive gel. Throw the ice grenade thing into the water and it will make a platform that you can go on and cross over the water. Use the Batclaw while on the ice block and use it to pull yourself over the the wall. Blow the wall up go further inside and jump up. You should see a broken vent you can go in. Go in and you will be in the room with Nora. She is protected by like 15 guys but none of them have guns. I advise taking out an armor guy first then letting the rest of them have it. When the fight and you can go back to Freeze.

Enigma Conundrum

Most of the side quests in Batman Arkham City have to do with certain bad guys from the series. This one is clearly the Riddler. This guide will help you finish all his riddles in no time. Let’s do it. Once you start the quest the Riddler will tel you to solve his riddles in order to save the doctors. I will list each riddle then tell you where to find the item. Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum guide 1 – “I am an instrument whose music always comes from the heart. What am I?” In the back of the room is a pipe organ. Scan it and you will solve the first riddle.

Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum guide 2 – “He told me to tell you something. He was very, very specific. It’s just some numbers: 2-7-5, 3-2-5. I have no idea what they mean.” Get your frequency around that then hold the button to encrypt it. Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum guide 3 – “If you know me, you’ll want to share me but if you share me, I’ll be gone. What am I?” The answer to this one is secret and you have to turn each wheel to spell it out.

Once you get to the next hostage you will have to break down the wall with the? On it. Go inside the door and the next one will be locked. Turn around look up and throw a Batarang at the switch at up there to open the next door and you will be in a room with a hostage.

In order to make yourself a path you will have to hit certain? That is lit on one the wall. There are three in all. Use detective mode if you are having trouble finding them. One of them always lifts up the lift so you only have to use two to clear yourself a path. Do so and take the lift up and glide to the doctor. Free he and he will give you a frequency that you need to put in. Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum guide 4 – The more there is, the less you see. What could I be? Spin the thing and spell out darkness. After that you will be contacted by the Riddler. She will give you the location of the next hostage, Head there.

Once there step on the? Switch and the game will start. He wants you to use your eyes but he cheats so use your vision to follow the victim. Once it stops check to see where he is and Batarang the switch below him to free him. I lost my first time because he moved him as I threw my Batarang so be careful.

After that you get another number sequence. Find the frequency to move on.

Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum guide 5 – “I have a head, a tail, but never any legs. Do you know what I am?” The answer is Penny. Use the machine to make it.

Once you get the marker for the next hostage go there and go in. Riddler will say something like you can’t use your gadgets to outsmart me. Line gun across the water gap first. From there look up and use the electric gun to move a plug in front of the various water sources to hit the question marks. After that look left to see a death trap if you walk through it. Use the line gun and about halfway through stop the gun and take a left with it. Once in the room with three generators you need to shoot them until a box appears. Then get the box on to the floor and get it to the? pad on the ground. After that you can talk to the hostage and get the next frequency.

General Tips of Fighting

Health: In the upper left hand corner of the screen is your health meter. It generally only appears when you take damage and are low on health. You can replenish your health by gaining Experience Points (XP). Fight and defeat thugs to regain health quickly.

Quick Throw Batarang: If you don't have time to aim your Batarangs, simply tap LT (or L2) to instantly throw your Batarangs (given them are your equipped gadget).

Scanning: Many of the "riddles" found throughout the game require you to scan them. Simply looking at them in detective mode doesn't do the trick. You need to hold down LB (or L1) to scan your immediate area. Doing so when looking at the solution to a riddle will effectively solve it.

Marking Trophies: Have you ever found a trophy that you can't collect just yet. Did you know you can mark those on your map to remind you where they are? As long as you are within range of the trophy, you can scan it by holding down LB (or L1) while in Detective Mode. This will mark the trophy on your map so you can more easily find it again when you have the proper gear to reach it.

Combos: Combos play a big role in Batman's fighting style. He (and you) will need to rely on them to handle the large groups of enemies he faces. Combos allow him to engage a horde of enemies all at once. There are three things that can stop a combo, Batman missing a hit, Batman being hit, and Batman hitting a blocking enemy. The key to combos is to not feverishly tap X (or Square). Nothing kills a combo faster than Batman swinging at thin air. You need to time your strikes so that each one lands. The basic idea is to punch one foe, then just after you hit him, push the directional stick toward the next enemy you want to hit and then press X (or Square). Slowing down your strikes like this should prevent you from missing a punch. Don't forget that you can mix counters in between strikes as well to prevent you from being hit and to keep the combo going. You can also prevent getting hit by jumping over an enemy by double tapping A (or X). This will also not stop your combo. Also to keep you're combo alive, make sure to use the counter button Y (or Triangle).

Blade Wielding Thugs: Eventually, you will start to encounter criminals how have gotten their hands on some blades (whether they are knives or swords). When they are about to attack you, the lightning signal over their heads will appear yellow instead of the standard blue. This is to inform you of when to perform a blade counter instead of a simple counter. Pay attention to the colors of these warnings.

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