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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Score Streaks Detail and Guide

Call of Duty Black Ops II's Multiplayer is set in the year 2025. It will feature a new class and customization system with Score Streaks rather than Kill Streaks. Create a Class system has been much improved from the original Call of Duty Series. This time, each perk, weapon, and equipment will have their own amount of points. In this way, every player will create a class in their own customizable way, as long as their points don't add up over ten when going into a match. This will allow players to switch up their play style.


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Score Streaks Detail:

As you know the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty series you get the reward by killing enemies and it was called Killing Streaks. But now in Call of Duty: Clack ops 2 killing Streaks changed to the Score Streaks now Instead of only getting kills to count towards a streak, points from objectives will add to your streak, allowing you to get Score Streak Rewards.

There are many things that can add to your score streak, each with their own values.

  • Get a Kill
  • Get an Assist
  • Defend your teammates with an Assault Shield
  • Capture a flag in Domination
  • Capture a flag in Capture the Flag
  • Plant a bomb in Search and Destroy, Demolition, or Sabotage
  • Defuse a bomb in Search and Destroy, Demolition, or Sabotage
  • Capture an HQ in Headquarters (Unconfirmed Playlist)
  • Destroy an HQ in Headquarters (Unconfirmed Playlist)
  • Destroy enemy Score Streak Rewards

Score Streaks Reward List:

Here is the list of all Score Streaks rewards that you will get in the multi-player mode.


Point Required: 375 Points

It displays enemy locations on your team's mini-map for 30 seconds. However, players using the Ghost perk will not appear on the mini-map unless they fire a weapon without a Suppressor. or the ghost perk allows them to be unseen by uav if they are moving around.


Point Required: 325 Points

It allows the player to use a small remote-controlled explosive car. It's exactly the same as Call of Duty Black Ops I.


Point Required: 500 Points

It emits a lethal outward-facing wave of energy for crowd-control.

Counter UAV

Point Required: 475 Points

It deactivates enemy radar (Mini-Map) for 30 seconds.

Care Package

Point Required: 450 Points

Call in a helicopter to drop in a crate containing a random score streak reward. Any player, friend or foe, can capture the crate once it touches the ground. The capture speed is fastest for the player who called it in, then friendly players, and lastly enemy players.

Hellstorm Missile

Point Required: 525 Points

It is a devastating missile with a secondary fire that increases the area of effect while risking precision.

Hunter Killer

Point Required: 400 Points

Deploys a flying drone that seeks out and tries to destroy the nearest enemy player or vehicle.

Lightning Strike

Point Required: 550 Points

It is an air strike that hits three designated areas on the map simultaneously. These areas are designated by the player who calls it in.

Death Machine

Point Required: 600 Points

It is a portable mini-gun. It is the same as the first Black Ops, except, when you die, you will still have it, until you run out of ammo.

Sentry Gun

Point Required: 600 Points

It is a large, deployable sentry turret. Any enemy movement in about a 180 degree area will cause the turret to lock-on and fire. it is like the remote sentry from mw3 it shows in a multiplayer and it shows in gameplay that you can control the sentry gun as well.


Point Required: 800 Points

It is a small, automated or controllable search-and-destroy robot.

War Machine

Point Required: 700 Points

This Is a Heavy Weight Grenade Launcher. It has I believe, 6 rounds total. This is the litle brother to the death machine.

Stealth Chopper

Point Required: 850 Points

An advanced version of the normal Attack Helicopter from previous Call of Duty games. The Stealth Chopper circles around the map and hunts for enemies, but it doesn't appear on the enemy radar.


Point Required: 1025 Points

It is a jet airstrike that makes multiple strafing runs on a designated area.


Point Required: 725 Points

It is a remote-controlled flying sentry gun. Owners of the Care Package Edition will get a remote-controlled toy version.

Orbital VSAT

Point Required: 900 Points

It shows the enemies on the radar in real time. The Orbital VSAT can't be shot down.

Escort Drone

Point Required: 1000 Points

The Escort Drone follows you around and will attempt to kill any enemies you encounter. This scorestreak reward is equivalent to the AH-6 Overwatch pointstreak from MW3, but it's more advanced.

EMP Systems

Point Required: 1050 Points

Temporarily disables enemy electronics, e.g. enemy players will have no HUD (head-up display) and can't call in Scorestreak rewards.


Point Required: 1150 Points

Equivalent to the Modern Warfare 3 Reaper Pointstreak; it allows you to launch multiple missiles from the Lodestar to the ground.

VTOL Warship

Point Required: 1200 Points

Allows you to be the gunner of a powerful VTOL Warship. It works exactly like the Chopper Gunner killstreak from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

K9 Unit

Point Required: 1275 Points

Just as its name implies, it's a pack of dogs that hunts your enemies for a short amount of time.


Point Required: 1400 Points

Calls in a swarm of Hunter Killer drones that search and destroy enemies on the map.

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