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Crysis 3: Mission 1 Post-Human CELL Intel Locations Guide

Post-Human is the very first mission/level in Crysis 3, starts on a ship near the New York City Dome, where you as Prophet rescued by a member from his old team from Lingshan Islands, Psycho.

Here we will cover all the collectibles that you will find in this mission in Crysis 3. There are total 9 CELL Intel, 7 Datapads and 2 Blackboxes that you can find.

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Mission 1: Post-Human CELL Intel Locations

Here is the list of all collectibles that you will find in this mission in Crysis 3. There are total 9 CELL Intel.

7 Datapads

2 Blackboxes

CELL Intel 1: Blackbox

When you are going to leave the ship using the ramp, after gaining the control as Prophet, look at you left side where you will see the a dead body, here you will find the very first CELL Intel (Blackbox) near the containers. it is the mission as well as first of the game.

CELL Intel 2: Datapad

Where you open the door for Psycho near the waypoint, there is an enemy in a small control room overlooking the cargo area, go in this room using the stairs near it, you will find the second CELL Intel (Datapad) in it. First Datapad but second of the mission.

CELL Intel 3: Datapad

After getting the Bow from Psycho, look near the stairs for this Intel in the same corridor, on top of machinery. This is the 3rd Intel in this mission.

CELL Intel 4: Datapad

After eliminate the enemies in the area where are many stairs and catwalks, use the stairs to go up before the waypoint collect the fourth Intel below the computer monitors on your right side.

CELL Intel 5: Datapad

When you came outside, you have to hack a door, after hacking the door, go inside the room there you will find this Intel.

CELL Intel 6: Datapad

While following Psycho downstairs in the room with the ammo, here you will find Intel on top of the computer.

CELL Intel 7: Datapad

Area with some sort of giant reactors, go to inside the corridor on the right side of the area, at the end you will see a room where you will find this Intel.

CELL Intel 8: Datapad

In hexagonal room that has two chairs that activate when you are close to them, which will lead you to the next large area, there you will find this Intel.

CELL Intel 9: Blackbox

At the end you can see turret, in order to open it, you have to hack it, which will lead you to a locked door, open the door you will see a dead soldier you can collect Intel (Blackbox) near the daed body.

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