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Crysis 3: Mission 2 Welcome to the Jungle CELL Intel Locations Guide

Welcome to the Jungle is the second mission/level in Crysis 3, after recusing the Prophet in the Post-Human, Psycho is now advised to bring Prophet to the HQ, minimizing the contact with CELL and Ceph units.


Here we will cover all the collectibles that you will find in this mission in Crysis 3. There are total 6 CELL Intel, 3 Datapads, 2 Blackboxes and 1 Propaganda Posters that you can find.

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Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle CELL Intel Locations

Here is the list of all collectibles that you will find in this mission in Crysis 3. There are total 9 CELL Intel.

  • 3 Datapads
  • 2 Blackboxes
  • 1 Propaganda

CELL Intel 1: Propaganda Poster

As soon as you acquire Nanosuit upgrade and go to the minefield, now go to the left side as you enter in the minefield, move along the building at the end you will see a wall having crack on it, you will find the first CELL Intel of the mission 2, it is also the first Propaganda that you find. You can also get it automatically by scanning the poster using the Visor.

CELL Intel 2: Datapad

When you destroy the tower, after the cut-scene, turn around at the dead end, look at the your right side there are rocks climb on it, there are some crate, you will find it at the top of the crate near the dead body.

CELL Intel 3: Datapad

Note: In order to get this Intel choose to pursue the secondary objective where you locate the Origin of the CELL Locator Beacon.

When you cross the minefields and killing the some enemies, climb up where you have to regroup with the Psycho, here you can see a waypoint on your left side, follow the path which will lead you to a CELL container, you will find this Intel next to it.

CELL Intel 4: Blackbox

In the subway, where you kill the enemies and Psycho take the ladder to go, after meeting with Psycho, you will find many dead bodies in the next area, you will find the Intel here near one of dead body.

CELL Intel 5: Blackbox

After entering in the train station, go to the lower floor and turn around, on the left side a dead soldier where you will find this Intel.

CELL Intel 6: Datapad

On the upper levels are two CELL Defense Turrets along the rail lines. Look down and you will see a tunnel in the water. This will lead you to the next and the last Intel of this mission.

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