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Crysis 3: Mission 4 Safeties Off CELL Intel Locations Guide

Safeties Off is the Fourth mission/level in Crysis 3, when you discover the Alpha-Ceph is the source of CELL’s energy. You have to find a suit cradle at the skinning lab where CELL held Psycho, because he wants to get inside the Ceph’s mind to find a weakness.

Here we will cover all the collectibles that you will find in this mission in Crysis 3. There are total 16 CELL Intel, 11 Datapads, 4 Blackboxes and 1 Propaganda Posters that you can find.

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Mission 3: The Root of All Evil  CELL Intel Locations

Here is the list of all collectibles that you will find in this mission in Crysis 3. There are total 16 CELL Intel.

  • 11 Datapads
  • 4 Blackboxes
  • 1 Propaganda

CELL Intel 1: Datapad

After completing the first objective Psycho tell you to the Secondary objective (It is to secure the CELL Intel to discover who tortured Psycho).

Go on the left side here you will find a crashed helicopter, inside it you will find the first CELL Intel of this mission.

CELL Intel 2: Datapad

Not much had, you can’t miss it, it’s at the front of the helicopter.

CELL Intel 3: Datapad

Again, not hard to find, it is just next to the helicopter.

CELL Intel 4: Datapad

While you are near the helicopter, climb up the wall and you will see 2 tables with 3 Datapad.

1 :) One is the actual collectible.

2 :) one of them is secondary objective.

CELL Intel 5: Datapad

3 :) One of them is another CELL Intel collectible. It’s 5th CELL Intel collectible.

CELL Intel 6: Datapad

You can be find at the same table with the Datapad of the secondary objective.

CELL Intel 7: Propaganda Poster

In the next area after completing the secondary objective, you pass by the Chinese looking at gate, you will find this CELL Intel in the building just ahead to you.

CELL Intel 8: Datapad

Now you have to go at the top of the floor, in order to go up you have to use zipline, in this room look to the left side, where you will find this CELL Intel.

CELL Intel 9: Blackbox

After reaching at the top, follow the path and a cut-scene will pop-up, after it go to the left side there are the next CELL Intel in the toilet.

CELL Intel 10: Datapad

When you objective is to locate the skinning lab, turn around and follow the path in the center of the HUD, here on your right side you can see a billboard which will lead you to the next building, where yu will find this CELL Intel.

CELL Intel 11: Blackbox

After exiting the building, you will see the burning people, along the path go to the left and follow the path and you will see a dead body, here you will find the next CELL Intel Blackbox.

CELL Intel 12: Datapad

After getting the last CELL Intel, go inside the building to your left side, here you will find the this CELL intel next to the ammo cache.

CELL Intel 13: Blackbox

When you have to meet with the Psycho, just before you enter the elevator, you can see a dead soldier, here you will find the Blackbox CELL intel.

CELL Intel 14: Blackbox

When you are inside the facility, follow the path which will lead you downstairs, here you will find a Ceph skeleton, you will find the BlackBox CELL Intel under it.

CELL Intel 15: Datapad

When you are in the room with the many tanks, go to the left side there is a cabinet on top of it you will find the CELL Intel.

CELL Intel 16: Datapad

When you open the door for Psycho, before to open it, check the nearby room.  There you will find the last CELL Intel of this mission on the table.

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