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Dark Souls Rings Location And Detail Guide

In game, one needs everything that is useful to deal with the merciless AI. You will have to put in some effort though to explore these rings throughout your quest. This guide will make finding them easy for you.

Check out all the Rings that you can fing & buy in game with full details & there location Guide

Ring of the Evil Eye


Detail: Absorbs HP from fallen enemies. Related to the Astora Faction.

Location: Located in the sewers, in the area with the curse frogs. Causes small rats to run from you.

White Seance Ring

Detail: Grants additionnal miracle attunement slots.

Darkmoon Seance Ring

Detail: This ring is granted to adherents of Gwyndolin, Darkmoon deity and last born of Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight. Grants additional magic attunement slots.
The Dark Sun Gwyndolin is the only remaining deity in Anor Londo. His followers are few, but their tasks are of vital importance.

Location: Far down in the Catacombs, past the Titanite Demon.

Leo Ring

Detail: One of the special rings granted to the four knights of Gwyn. The Leo Ring belonged to Ornstein the Dragonslayer. This ring strengthens counters with pierce weapons.
His lugged spear is said to have sliced a boulder in two.

Location: During the Dragon Slayer and The Executioner boss fight, kill The Dragon Slayer, and he should leave the ring behind.
Pick it up during the fight.

Wolf Ring

Detail: One of the special rings granted to the four knights of Gwyn. The Wolf Ring belongs to Artorias the Abysswalker.
Artorias had an unbendable will of steel, and was unmatched with a greatsword.
Adds 40% more poise.

Location: In the Darkroot Garden, start from the bonfire in the garden (bonfire hidden behind a false wall, to the left of the locked door) go down the path, go past the area with the 3 ent ambush, turn right at the clearing with the giants, and cut down the living tree.
Follow the trail and once past the second living tree stay to the right, there is a path right before the rubble which leads to the ring.

Red Tearstone Ring

Detail: The rare gem called tearstone has the uncanny ability to sense imminent death. This red tearstone from Carim boosts the attack of its wearer when in danger.

Location: Located in the Valley of the Drakes above the giant gate.

Blue Tearstone Ring

Detail: The rare gem called tearstone has the uncanny ability to sense imminent death. Boosts the defense of its wearer when in danger.

Location: Located in Undead Burg (Section 1), guarded by a Black Knight.

Havel's Ring

Detail: Boosts maximum equipment load

Location: Obtained after defeating Havel who can be accessed using the master key in the tower right before the Taurus Demon fight, or by using the key found in Darkroot Garden through the basement door close to the Hydra.

Flame Stoneplate Ring

Detail: Stoneplates, the symbol of a true knight, grant the strength to face various hardships. The red stoneplates symbolizes fire, and boosts defence against flames.

+50 Fire Defence

Location: Right outside the first bonfire in Anore Londo, around the side of the cliff by the gargoyle.

Rusted Iron Ring

Detail: Improves balance on poor footing. This iron ring was used to shackle the guilty. It is terribly rusted, and faintly stained with blood.
Those who find this strange ring to their liking will be pleased to find it easier to gain footing on poor ground such as swamps.

Location: Behind the locked door in Undead Asylum F2 West door, key is obtained in Fire Shrine.

Ring of Favor and Protection

Detail: A ring symbolizing the favor and protection of the goddess Fina, known in legend to prossess "fateful beauty."
Boosts HP, stamina and equip load by 20%. Breaks when removed.

Location: Found under bridge by starting area.Dropped by Lautrec after you kill him.

Ring of Steel Protection

Detail: Boosts defense vs. physical attacks. Adds 50 to all physical defenses.

Location: Located in Sens Fortress at the top of the first rolling boulder area. A lightning toting serpent man is standing in the entrance, and the ring is in a chest behind him.

Ring of Sacrifice

Detail: Lose nothing upon death, but ring breaks.

Location: First can be found on the way to Undead Burg/Perish from Fire Link Shrine, need to dash in the area under the water way, can be seen while heading there.

Rare Ring of Sacrifice

Detail: Die, lose nothing, nullify curse, ring breaks.

Location: On the very edge of the church on the outside in the New Londo Ruins.

Tiny Being's Ring

Detail: Small increase of HP (+30).

Location: Can be selected as a starting gift.
Can be given as a reward from Siegmeier of Catarina after defeating the Silver Knights in Anor Londo. "Ring made of an ancient tiny red jewel. Grants small increase to HP."

"Rings grant powers large and small. Their discovery, and effective use, can make one's journey easier."

Cat Covenant Ring

Detail: Answer Alvina's summoning.

Location: Given to you by Alvina for joining the forest Defenders Covenant.

Covenant of Artorias

Detail: Traverse abyss.Allows you to fight the Four Kings.

Location: Awarded after killing The Great Grey Wolf Sif

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

Detail: Additional souls absorbed for each kill.

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring

Detail: Boosts item discovery.

Location: Sen's Fortress, behind the long rolling boulder wash. Let boulder smash through wall at bottom, revealing ring.

Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring

Detail: ncreases sorcery damage. Appears to increase damage by roughly 33%

Location: Can be bought from Griggs of Vinheim for 20,000 souls.

Lingering Dragoncrest Ring

Detail: Increased the length of spell effect.

Location: Can be bought from Griggs of Vinheim for 20,000 souls.

Ring of Fog

Detail: Turns the player transparent and making them become un-targetable. Wearing the ring also acts like the Cat Covenant Ring, letting Alvina summon you.

Location: Those who befriend Alvina are given this mysterious ring. It resembles a pearl with its robust pure-white fog.

The ring camouflages its wearer's presence, helping to prevent detection.

Cloranthy Ring

Detail: Increases stamina regeneration

Location: Found in a secret area at start of Great Hollow by jumping into the middle of the tree.

Duskcrown Ring

Detail: Grants additional sorcery castings but HP is halved. Increased each attuned sorceries uses by 50%, IE great soul arrow has 30 uses instead of 20.

Location: Received from Hydra in darkroot basin.

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