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Dead Space 3: All Artifact Locations Guide – How to Find

In Dead Space 3, there are many collectibles like, Weapon Parts, Logs, Circuits, Artifacts and Blueprints, which you can find in the game during your gameplay. You can find them all to get the better score in the game and also to complete the game 100%.


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Here we are going to guide you, how you can find the all Artifact in Dead Space 3, and can complete the game 100%. There are about 40 Artifact in the game and each artifact is one of the factions in the Dead Space universe and serve as a unique collectible.

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Artifact Locations Guide:

Here is the list of the all Artifact that you can find in Dead Space 3. You will find them all through you gameplay.

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Artifact 1:

At the starts of the game turn left and walk towards small hill, go around of the hill and here you will find the very first Artifact of the game.

Chapter 1:

Earth Gov Artifact 1:

When you reach a point where you use Stasis to stop the vehicles, after using it enter the chamber and turn left you will see the Artifact in the corner.

Unitology Artifact 2:

After using the elevator to go down, on exit look at your right side, you will find this on the desk.

Chapter 2:

Earth Gov Artifact 1:

When you are going to bridge to meet the general, down stairs go to you right, you will see a door to your left, go through it, as you pass the door go to your right side and at the dead end you will find this Artifact.

Chapter 3:

S.C.A.F. Artifact 1:

Taking the elevator down, then cross into a long hallway with a door to your right, move on your way, before going to right side which will lead you to the end of this chapter, turn left side, here you will find the S.C.A.F artifact.

Chapter 4:

Earth Gov Artifact 1:

You will find this EarthGov artifact in the Officer’s Quarters in the corner.

Artifact 2:

In the space when you reach the skiff platform. In the air lock, look down for a trench here you will find the artifact.

Chapter 5:

Greely Optional Quest:

S.C.A.F. Artifact 1:

Standing where you can see a door on your left side which can be opened, and a Bridge Door ahead to you, go into it turn right side and you will find this Artifact down.

S.C.A.F. Artifact 2:

In zero-g you can see a large eagle below it there is a door can be open with Telekinesis. There you will find this S.C.A.F. artifact.

Conning Tower Optional Quest:

Artifact 1:

You can find this artifact in the engine room down the ladder.

Chapter 6:

S.C.A.F. Artifact 1:

In space at Space Dock of the Terra Nova ship. Go straight at the end on the ship almost out of the ship, look down for the artifact.

Chapter 7:

There is no artifact in this chapter.

Chapter 8:

Artifact 1:

When you are returning to the snowy exterior, go ahead you can see the ladder near the locked door, take ladder to go up, turn left and collect this artifact.

Chapter 9:

S.C.A.F. Artifact 1:

A room with the beds, go the next room and there is a door to your right side, follow th patch to your left side which will lead you to this artifact.

Artifact 2:

After fighting with the Necromorph, enter an interior building you will find a ladder in the second room, take the ladder and get the bunch of the collectibles.

Supply Depot Optional Quest:

Artifact 1:

When you in the Explosive Storage Room past another bench. Turn right and get this artifact.

Chapter 10:

S.C.A.F. Artifact 1:

Use the lift to go up, here you will see bunch of box on the ground, stay on the right side with the hill, which will you to the artifact.

Chapter 12: 

There is no artifact in this chapter.

Chapter 13:

Where you can see the outer scene on your way, go to the right side, again take right and get the artifact right ahead you.




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