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Dead Space 3: How to Get Infinite Tungsten and Ammo Exploit Guide

In Dead Space 3, if you are playing on the very first difficulty level where you got the lot of Ammo, which make the game easy for you. Ya surly, nothing to worry about the ammo on this difficulty level, but when you try to go on little bit hard, which give you the less Ammo, it make difficult to kill the dead enemies.


Here below with the help of this guide and also video below you can get the unlimited Ammo and can eliminate the dead enemies easily and can enjoy it more.

Also you can get the unlimited Tungsten, with which you can make the new and more deadly weapons to kill the enemies.

Here to get the infinite Tungsten and Ammo Exploit follow this as a guide and make it done. And enjoy.

Now in order to do it:

Start chapter 13 and fight your way to the end of the chapter.

When you get to the boss battle defeat him and then look on the ground for boxes and ammo.

NOTE: Pick up the items then quit and save then repeat this process until you're satisfied.

You will get Tungsten and Ammo in the boxes.

You can also check out the full video of this process below, which will help you more to clear it.

DEAD SPACE 3: Infinite Tungsten & Ammo Exploit

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