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DmC: Devil May Cry Unlockable Costumes – How to Unlock

Want to play with Dante with the different costume in DmC, here you are. Below you will find all the costumes that you can unlock in the game.  Some give Dante a distinctive white main, while others unlock special bonuses to your Devil Trigger abilities.


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You may also like to download: Devil May Cry (DmC) HD Theme for Windows 7/8.

Unlockable Costumes

Here is the list of all the costumes that you can unlock in the game when you complete the game.

White-Haired Dante:

How To Unlock: Complete the singleplayer story on any difficulty.

Coatless Dante:

How To Unlock: Complete the singleplayer story on Son of Sparda difficulty.

Super Dante:

How To Unlock: Complete the singleplayer story on Dante Must Die! Difficulty.

Grants unlimited Devil Trigger over time, except when using abilities that deplete Devil Trigger.

More will be update soon stay tune.....

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