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DmC: Every hero has a weakness Achievement/Trophy Guide – How to Get

In order to get the 100 % completing of the game or in any mission, you have to complete some task to get it. If you are looking how you can complete this achievement (Every hero has a weakness), here below you will find the full guide, how you can get this Achievement/Trophy.



Every hero has a weakness (10 G)

  • You completed Furnace of Souls without taking damage from the furnace.


Mission 17: Furnance of Souls


During the entire 17th mission you may not be damaged by the fire that is emitted from the ground every 7 seconds. The fire can only damage you while you are in the air, so do your best to move between platforms very quickly. While standing on solid ground you are save.

Restart the last checkpoint immediately if you fall down or are damaged by the fire. During the fight sequences make sure that you are not pushed into the fire by your enemies. The trophy / achievement will unlock after the mission is over.

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Every hero has a weakness Achievement/Trophy Guide

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