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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Characters Guide

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, unleash the power of the brush in an all new co-op adventure. Join Mickey and Oswald in an epic battle to save the magical world of Wasteland and change it forever. Interact with your favorite characters like never before in the most heroic adventure yet.


There are two main playable characters Mickey and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and the other characters and their biography below.


Hero of Wasteland, Mickey Mouse has starred in countless Disney cartoons, and is an icon in his own right after the events of Disney’s Epic Mickey, Mickey is safe in his home when he gets the call to return to Wasteland. Alongside his new friend Oswald, and with Paint Brush in hand, Mickey must once again save the forgotten land from destruction.


Oswald is the leader of the forgotten toons of Wasteland, and he cares deeply for both his home and its people. Once the star of Disney before being replaced by Mickey, Oswald held resentment towards the mouse for a long time, but their adventures with the Shadow Blot created a bond of friendship. Oswald does still have doubts about his self-worth, but he is slowly growing into the great leader everyone knows he can be.

Gremlin Gus

Gus is the chief Gremlin of Wasteland, and helps Mickey in his epic quest by teaching him the ways and history of his world. Industrious, erudite, with the refinement of a bygone era, he has the worldly and engaging demeanor of an early 20th century man in uniform.

Mad Doctor

Back from his banishment in Disney Epic Mickey, the Mad Doctor is a reformed toon. He has seen the error of his ways and wants to help the forgotten toons, even in the face of overwhelming skepticism. The question is, can Mickey and Oswald trust their old nemesis? Only time will tell...


Horace was one of Mickey’s earliest and best pals. He is a versatile guy who can play a variety of roles. Smart and a little full of himself, he is also bit dense and stubborn to a fault but beware the trouble doer when he becomes focused on a case...

Gremlin Prescott

Prescott has always been a strange one. Keeper of the Gag Factory, Prescott always dreamed of doing more with his life, while also secretly holding a grudge against those who cannot see his genius. Over the years since Epic Mickey, bitterness and envy crept into the Gremlin, leaving him a sarcastic curmudgeon. He hardly has a kind word for anyone.

Big Bad Pete

Pete is a villainous rogue who does what he likes, when he likes — an archetypal bad guy dating back all the way to the original Oswald cartoons. In fact, he arrived in Wasteland at almost the same time as Oswald but wasn’t bright enough to do anything more than throw his weight around Mean Street The ultimate opportunist, Pete has been waiting and watching for the day when people will once again remember the name Big Bad Pete...

Small Pete

A smaller, more technical minded version of Big Bad Pete, Small Pete can seem helpful, until you make him angry. He does like to tinker in the inner workings of Wasteland, but one can never tell if his helpfulness has ulterior motives...


Ortensia is like a mother to all cartoon characters in Wasteland, universally respected and revered by all. She was undeniably sweet but also no nonsense and direct when she needs to be. She always does what’s best to protect her family, no matter the danger.


Minions created by the Blot, they followed all orders given to them by their master. When the Blot was destroyed, however, these little creatures wandered lost and alone through Wasteland, until finding a home in Blot Alley and the Gulch. Now they just want to live in peace, even if their hatred of anything toon tends to get in the way.

Beetleworx Spinner

The Beetleworx Spinners primary objective was to destroy small objects such as pick-ups and debris. If not befriended, the spinner makes a fast and agile foe.

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