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F1 Race Stars Power-Ups Guide

To beat the rivals and win the races you need to be sharp driver and also will need to use all power-ups in F1 Race Stars. There are many different power-ups to collect and use in F1 Race Stars. Each can help you speed ahead or slow your rivals - try to find them all!


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You can drop these Balloons on the track and rivals who drive through them will find their screen covered in fun confetti.


Use your Boost to get extra speed for overtaking.

Bottle Rocket

Use Bottle Rocket and turn your car into a flying bottle of fizzy pop and fly up the track.

DRS (Drag Reduction System)

Deploy the DRS to become invulnerable and increase your top speed.


Caught in the pack? Use Pulse to slow down the cars around you.

Pulse Bubble

Launch your Pulse Bubble forward, then trigger it when you have found your targets.

Rain Cloud

Do the rain dance… use the Rain Cloud power-up and you will cause a slowing shower to pour down on the car in first place.

Ricochet Bubble

Launch the Ricochet Bubble forward to trap your rival’s car.

Safety Car

Call in the Safety Car to slow up the pack.

Seeker Bubble

Use the Seeker Bubble to trap the driver ahead of you.


Use Static to disable the other drivers’ power-ups.


Sneak up the grid – use Teleport to leap up the track.

Trap Bubble

Drop this naughty bubble on the track and other drivers will become trapped when they drive into it.

Wet Weather

When it rains, it pours! Trigger wet weather and slow down the drivers – except you will have wet tyres to speed past your rivals.




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