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Farming Simulator 2013 Field Locations Map Detail

In Farming Simulator 2013 you can find 42 fields around the map and many other shops, like Port Farm shop, Inn etc…. here on this page you can find all if it very easy,

Here is the map of Farming Simulator 2013 Field Locations and shops and any other location which you want to find. Fields are marked as 1 – 42 (Numbers) and shops, villages and other location marked as A- Q (Alphabets).

Here is the image of map with all marked locations:


Fields: 1-42

Other locations:

A = Port

B = Farm shop

C = Vehicle shop

D = Village

E = Biogas plant

F = Camping site

G = Inn

H = Freight yard

I = Farm

J = Dairy

K = Garden center

L = Water tower

M = Sheep pasture

N = Grain mill

O = Spinnery

P = Cow pasture

Q = Golf course

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