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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Graviton Core Locations Guide

Whe you reach at Academia  4XX AF, you can begin a new side quest by Speaking with Alysssa at the Research Facility will begin the Graviton Core hunt, where you’ll need to find five special, hidden, Cores and bring them back to Alyssa.

If you complete this side quest you will unlocks the Chaos Crystal for purchase at Chocholina’s shop, after giving all five activates a sealed gate in Academia (4XX AF) and rewards you with the artefact to open it.

Now you need to find the all these Core, don’t worry here is the full guide of all these Cores. Just follow this guide and there will be no trouble to complete the side quest.

Graviton Core Alpha

New Bodhum 003 AF

Find this core in the Tidal Shallows, an area to the east of the Winding Way. It’s locked until after you’ve discovered the Giant’s Artefact in the main story, down in NORA House. Go down the low tide path to the lited metal plate and use mog to make it appear. You can only get the core after you been to Acadmia 4XX AF and spoken with hope.

Graviton Core Beta

Location: Bresha Ruins 005 AF

You need a chocobo and Moogle Hunt to get it, IIRC. Right past the long stairs-- by the first gate you find-- turn back towards the stairs and you can see a "ramp". Run/jump with a chocobo to land in a small area and then use Mog to find it in the back cornner and you'll get the Core.

Graviton Core Gamma

Location: Oerba 200 AF

Once again you will need a chocobo to reach the Core. Firstly go to the long pathway and look for a broken part of the wall that is near the houses. You will then need to jump onto the roof with the open windows on top, use Mog's ability and get the core

Graviton Core Delta

Location: Academia 400 AF

Go to the North of Chocolina’s shop in New Town. Get down to the bottom and use your Moogle Hunt ability to find the core. Hidden down a long shining red ramp, After defeating Zenobia it will appear.

Graviton Core Zeta

Location: Oerba 400 AF

Go to the outer edge of the northern section of the beach. Search on the east side of the Deserted Schoolhouse in the Ashensand area.

Graviton Core Epsilon

Location: Yascha Massif 100 AF

Go to the northwestern corner of the map  (small cliff creates a crack in the map) and use Moogle Hunt and you will find this core.

Graviton Core Eta

Location: Sunleth Waterscape 400 AF

Go to the Northern section of the Assembly Area, You’ll find the Miniflan Fragment very closeby. Here use Moogle Hunt to discover the Core on a large blue circle.

Here is the video of all the Graviton Core Locations

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