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Hitman Absolution Controls and Actions Guide

Hitman Absolution is the next entry from the world famous stealth action series Hitman. There are too many new features to enhance the stealth abilities and close or ranged combat systems. Check out the full Controls list and action combat system guide and tips.


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PC Controls

Move/Crouch/Run                         W, A, S or D/C/SHIFT

Camera/Shoulder Switch                Move Mouse/V

Select Weapon                            0-9

Holster                                        CAPS LOCK

Aim                                            Right Mouse Button

Shoot/Throw                              Left Mouse Button

Reload                                        R

Cover                                         SPACE

Instinct                                      Left CTRL

Interact/Activate                         E

Pick Up Item                               F

Drop Item                                  G

Notebook                                  F1

Combat Actions

Silent Close-Combat Kill: To complete a silent close-combat kill, approach target from behind with an item or silenced weapon equipped and press Q. To subdue a target, holster your weapon and approach them from behind, press Q and then repeatedly tap Q (press w at the prompt to kill the target).

Human Shield: To take a human shield, either approach target from behind with a single-handed weapon equipped and press X or hold X while at gunpoint to initiate a Fake Surrender (when prompt). Press Q to knock out your hostage when they’re no longer needed.

Fire at Multiple Targets: To fire at multiple targets in quick succession hold CTRL to enter Instinct Mode and press Q. Then hold the right mouse button to aim and use the left mouse button to ‘tag’ them. Then press Q to execute. To steady your aim when shooting, hold SHIFT. Then press the left mouse button to take the shot.

How to use Sniper Rifle or How to Snipe a Target? To sniper the target, hold the right mouse button to take aim, use the mouse wheel to zoon in, hold SHIFT to steady your aim and then press the left mouse button to take the shot.

Cover System: To enter cover press SPACE. To leave the cover, press SPACE again or walk away from it. If you use the “Locked Cover” mode, it will keep you snapped to the cover until you press SPACE to get out. To vault over cover press E. To move from cover to cover, face a new object and press E.

Items Guide

Items can be used as weapons, distractions or both in order to gain a tactical advantage. There are many ways to remain incognito, including activating distractions and hiding bodies.

How to hide Bodies?

To hide a body, press B to pick it up, press W, A, S and D to drag it, and press E to dump it when near a suitable hiding place.

How to Fool Enemies?

To make fool enemies, use Instinct Mode to blend in. This will temporarily fool enemies with the same type of outfit as yours.

How to find Paths or Usable Items and Locate Objectives?

You can use Instinct Mode to view usable items, locate objectives, predict the paths of enemies, blend in when disguised, and initiate Point Shooting and more. To enter Instinct Mode hold CTRL (Note that Instinct drains the Instinct Meter). You can fill the Instinct Meter by completing objectives, activating distractions and taking out enemies using stealthy methods. To learn more about your surroundings, you can also activate the Instinct Mode by holding CTRL when prompted (Instinct hints can be disabled in the Options menu).

Combat Proficiency Tips

  • Subject displays resolute calm and utter ruthlessness when engaging in close-quarters combat.
  • Subject has no apparent moral qualms about inflicting collateral damage to achieve goals
  • Subject is the shining light of our combat training program. He shows no obvious weaknesses in either close or ranged combat scenarios and is equally formidable whether armed or unarmed.
  • When handling weapons, subject displays unerring accuracy at all ranges. Faced with multiple targets, he employs logical strategy and skilled use of his environment.

Mental Aptitude Tips

  • Subject’s unparalleled mental agility allows him to quickly adapt to his environment.
  • Subject exhibits heightened levels of intuition serves him well in both strategic and combat scenarios. 

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