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Hitman: Absolution Silent Assassin Guide

Silent Assassin is your best score or rating that you get at the end of the every mission with the bonus if you complete it with, it suite only without being spotted, no knock outs only target killed.  Also remember difficulty effects over-all score but it seems like not all levels can be completed with SA rating. Good example is first level. Completed it on purist without detection.


These are your main objects that you need to do to get the better Silent Assassin.

  • Target Kill
  • Objective Complete
  • Body Hidden
  • Silent Kill
  • Signature Kill

If you having any trouble in single-player game mode, you can get help about it on our video walkthroughAchievements, Trophies and for additional help find out more about game on Hitman: Absolution full game guide page.

You can find more about it here.

Silent Assassin Guide:

Here is the list of all missions of Silent Assassin.

A Personal Contract

The King Of Chinatown

More missions will be update soon… stay Tune…

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