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Hitman: Absolution Trophies Guide

Betrayed by those he once trusted and now hunted by the police he suddenly finds himself at the center of a dark conspiracy and must embark on a personal journey through a corrupt and twisted world.


On this page you can find every single Trophy that you can earn in-game and can enjoy the game. There are 27 normal trophies and 20 hidden trophies in the game.

If you having any trouble in single-player game mode, you can get help about it on our video walkthroughAchievements, Trophies and for additional help find out more about game on Hitman: Absolution full game guide page.

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Trophies List:

Here is the list of all Trophies that you can earn in the game. There are 27 normal trophies and 20 hidden trophies in the game.

Grand Master (Gold)

Complete 100 challenges.

Reach for the Stars (Silver)

Complete 50 challenges.

The Russian Hare (Bronze)

47 precision headshots using a sniper rifle.

A Taste for the Game (Bronze)

Complete 10 challenges.

Absolution (Gold)

Complete Hitman: Absolution on any professional difficulty.

Jack of All Trades (Silver)

Collect all play styles.

It’s All in the Wrist (Bronze)

Achieve a lethal throw kill.

Information is Power (Silver)

Collect all evidence.

Thumbs Up (Silver)

Like a contract.

Damage Control (Bronze)

Contain a situation gone bad.

Set for Life (Silver)

Earn 1 million contract dollars.

Self-improvement (Bronze)

Buy an upgrade.

First Contract (Bronze)

Complete the Create Contract Tutorial.

Blood Money (Bronze)

Complete the Play Contract Tutorial.

True Potential (Bronze)

Unlock a technique.

Partners in Crime (Silver)

Play a contract created by a friend.

Competitive Spirit (Silver)

Create a contract competition.

Contender (Silver)

Participate in a contract competition.

One With the Shadows (Silver)

Escape attention from enemies.

Silent Assassin (Silver)

Achieve the rating: Silent Assassin.

Inconspicuous (Bronze)

Remain undetected in a whole checkpoint.

Whoops (Bronze)

Achieve your first accident kill.

One of the Guys (Silver)

Blend in successfully.

Rocksteady (Bronze)

Execute a point shooting with 3 kills.

Under Wraps (Bronze)

Hide a body.

Sandman (Bronze)

Subdue a person.

Hidden Trophies Lsit:

There are 20 hidden trophies that you will earn with your play-through.

Top of Your Game (Platinum)

Collect all trophies.

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