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How to Change Crysis 3 Language (Russian to English)

As Crysis 3 released, we have already published Crysis 3 PC Crashes, Low FPS, Crash to Desktop, Graphic Issues, Errors and Fixes. We have tried to fix various problems and errors in that article. Another common problem is occurring and this is Crysis 3 language problem. You can change the game’s language easily like Russian to English. Just follow the simple steps below.

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Method 1:

Open Crysis 3 Installation Directory (Where game installed)

Locate ‘Game’ folder and Open it

Here you can find system.cfg file

Open this file into Notepad by Right Clicking

Go to last line in this file

And just change Russian to English (Or your other require language)

Now Save and Exit

You can play Crysis 3 in English, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Chinese and Russian.

Method 2:

If you cant change the language with the method above you can also try this, and it will surly change it.

Download this and follow these steps:

1. Extract the file.

2. Copy the system.cfg file from the any of the language you choose.

3. Paste it in the main game directory and not the sub directories.

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