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Kingdom Of Amalur Reckoning Dalentarth Lorestones Locations Guide

Dalentarth is a large world and you have a lot of quest and side quests to complete in it. On the other hand here is also a lot of hidden objects called “Lorestones”, When you encounter and "use" a stone, it is added to your collection. When you complete a set of lorestones, you will gain a minor positive status upgrade and it is permanent.


Map of all the lorestones in the "overworld" of Dalentarth.

Here is list of all those areas which you will explorer in Dalentarth and you can find the Lorestones in these areas. This guide will help you to find all the Lorestones.









Castle Windmere Lorestones Locations

Ettinmere Lorestones Locations

Glendara Lorestones Locations

Gorguath Lorestones Locations

Haxhi Lorestones Locations

Odarath Lorestones Locations

Summer's End Lorestones Locations

The Sidhe Lorestones Locations

Webwood Lorestones Locations

Yolvan Lorestones Locations

Dalentarth Lorestone Locations (over-region)

Dalentarth is the first region you explore in the Faelands upon your resurrection. Exploring all the locations (side missions, etc.) in the area will let you access all the stones here.

Dalentarth (5 Lorestones)

Reward: Oleyn’s Will

+8% Poison Resistance

1: Lorestone Location

After the fight with the Rock Troll. You speak with the Fateweaver Agarth, He will tell you about fate ability, after that head East and follow the road. You’ll see the stone on the edge of the path straight ahead.

2: Lorestone Location

You can find the second Lorestone directly East of the Northern exit of Gorhart. Next to the dungeon entrance for the side quest.

3: Lorestone Location

This one is located inside the dungeon Agnur Farhal. Some ways past the entrance to the South East. Dungeon is located outside of the Gorhart.

4: Lorestone Location

Exit the Dungeon and follow the wall to East, An Eastern path appears. The Lorestone is located a short travel along the path.

5: Lorestone Location

This one is located in the far North Western part of the map, just outside the entrance to Waterhall down.

All Below Lorestones Can Be Found In Gorguath (Dungeon).

1: Lorestone Location

The Lorestone in Dalentarth can be found inside the dungeon used for the starting faction quest for the House of Ballads.

2: Lorestone Location

Yo can fint this one In Gorguath, in the far South-Eastern room.

3: Lorestone Location

This one is at the end of the Dungeon, after you defeat the boss.

4: Lorestone Location

you need to have high enough Detect Hidden to detect the hidden door to get the final Lorestone in Gorguath.

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