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Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning SageCrafting Guide

In kingdom of amalur you can craft the gem on your own for your weapon and armor. To craft a gem you need to visit a Altar, which you can find at different places in game (different towns). In order to creat a gem you need different types of Shards or you can use same types of Shards to creat it.

Shards effectively have quality levels. Instead of adding more ingredients like Alchemy and Blacksmithing, increasing one's Sagecrafting skill allows for the use of more advanced shards.

Four Gem Categories:

  • Weapon Gems
  • Armor Gems
  • Utility Gems
  • Epic Gems






Combinations of Shards For Epic Gems Crafting

Combinations of Shards For Weapon Gems Crafting

Combinations of Shards For Armor Gems Crafting

Combinations of Shards For Utility Gems Crafting

Three Quality Levels:

  • Cloudy (low Quality Shard)
  • Lambent (Normal Quality Shard)
  • Pristine (High Quality Shard)

Seven Shard Types:

  • Fire Shard
  • Ice Shard
  • Lightning Shard
  • Magic Shard
  • Physical Shard
  • Poison Shard
  • Protection Shard

Skill Progression

All characters can combine Cloudy Shards into gems innately. At level 2, you can combine Lambent Shards into gems. At level 6, you can use Pristine Shards. Reaching level 3 in Sagecrafting lets you fuse identical shards into a higher tier. Reaching level 8 unlocks the epic gems recipe category.  Reaching Level 10 allows a master Sagecrafter to extract gems from equipment, with no harm to either gem or armament.Every time you increase your Sagecrafting skill you also increase the chance of finding shards in the first place.

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