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Need for Speed: Most Wanted General Information, Basics about the Game, Basic Multiplayer Guide, Collectibles Detail and What’s New In it?

The Fairhaven Police Department has a list of many of Fairhaven’s street-racers, some of which are only known by aliases. The top 10 elite of this select group are the FPD’s Most Wanted. To earn the opportunity to meet and beat these racers, you will have to earn enough Speed Points through competing in events and exploring the city.


What you Have to do?

Defeat one of the Most Wanted racers and you will have the chance to take them down and claim their car as your own. Why take them down? Because the cars these racers drive won’t be found on the streets until you have gone wheel-to-wheel and won them.



Freedrive is open world freedom. It’s your chance to trigger a pursuit with the FPD, hit those Billboards, or simply explore the city of Fairhaven.


If you feel like getting physical, then you can take other racers and cops down. Taking down racers scores Speed Points and slows them down. Taking down cops is one way to get away, but wrecking police units will increase your HEAT level too.


If the police trap you, then you must escape before the Busted bar fills completely. When you are Busted, you will be returned to the location of the Jack Spot you most recently used, and lose any Speed Points which you earned in the Pursuit.


Evading the police is all about breaking visual contact with pursuing units. Drive fast, handbrake around corners, jump through Billboards, hit drops, and look for shortcuts to get away. The circle on your mini-map highlights where the police are searching for you. Get out of this zone and you will evade the police and enter Cooldown.


Once you have evaded the police and broken visual contact, you enter Cooldown. This is the period of time in which the police are searching for any fugitive that has escaped a pursuit. If any police unit spots you during this time, the pursuit will restart. Avoid being noticed until the end of the Cooldown period and you will escape.


Evade the police and you have a chance to escape. Burn that Nitro or find somewhere to park and hide. Whatever your chosen tactic, you will need to stay unnoticed until the pursuit is called off and you have made your getaway.


Default controls for XBox360

Steering: Left Analog

Accelerate: RT

Brake: LT

Nitrous: A

E-Brake: X

Move camera: Right Analog

Change view: LB

Spot player (Multiplayer only): Back Button

Pause menu: Start Button


There are in Need for Speed: Most Wanted four (4) types of game modes.


You are surrounded by the FPD and must try to escape in the fastest time possible.

Circuit Race

Race multiple laps around key locations in the city.

Sprint Race

Take part in a location-to-location race, one-way, as fast as possible. Follow the checkpoints to reach the finish.

Speed Run

Maintain the highest average speed you can on a point-to-point course.


Autolog 2.0

Powered by Autolog 2.0, the race-tuned heart of Most Wanted, this is the way you can stay in touch with your progress and scores of your Most Wanted friends. Updating in real-time, Autolog 2.0 will tell you when a friend has beaten your score, if there’s an event waiting to be completed, and measure your performance against the others who are out there challenging the streets. If you want information and want it fast, Autolog 2.0 will keep you up to speed. Explore, discover, race.

Autolog Recommends

Autolog Recommends is a quick-view guide to the events that are available to you. Once you’ve unlocked an event, Autolog Recommends shows your score and those of your friends. Want to see if a friend is ahead of you or if you’ve left them in the dust? This is the place to come. Haven’t unlocked an event yet? Then you can see the time your friends have set and get ready to take them on.


SpeedWalls show you the fastest people on your Most Wanted list. Who jumped the farthest? Who has the highest speed through each Speed Camera? Who is dominating an event? Your SpeedWall tells all.

Speed Points

To climb the rankings in your Most Wanted list, you need Speed Points. Do well in events, rank-up online, or beat your friends’ times; all of these will earn you the points you need to seize that number one spot. Jump through Billboards, log yourself as the fastest through Speed Cameras, takedown cops, drift those corners and build up that total.


Modifications (“mods”) are upgrades for your vehicles. You can earn these by finishing 1st or 2nd in events. Once you have gained a mod, you can apply it to your vehicle through the modification option on EasyDrive.

Available mods include engine upgrades, tires for grip, aero packages, even improvement to the strength of your car’s chassis, all of which are designed to help you achieve the top spot on the Most Wanted list. Want to know what the mod will do? The display here will show the stats of your current car with or without the mods so you can choose a package that suits you.

Pro Mods

These special Pro mods are only available to the most dedicated of street racers, the ultimate upgrades available to Fairhaven’s racing community. Master the streets, demolish those times, and claim these Most Wanted mods.

In the Single Player game, Pro mods have to be unlocked for each car individually. In Multiplayer, when you complete a Pro Driver Milestone for driving with a particular type of mod, all mods of that type are upgraded to Pro for all cars.


The Multiplayer option gives you the ability to join your friends online, join other players in online Public Games, or create Friends Games where you can serve up your own Custom SpeedLists.

Fairhaven, home to the hottest driving action on the planet and with Multiplayer, it only gets hotter online. In Multiplayer, you start at SpeedLevel 1 with a set of specially selected preset cars; these are hand-tuned with a fixed set of preset mods to get you straight into the action. Hit higher SpeedLevels and you will unlock more cars that can be customized. If you want to change your ride in the game, bring up EasyDrive and select Change Car. Online gameplay is served up in SpeedLists – sets of five events designed to challenge even the best of drivers. From Speed Tests to Races to Team Races and Challenges, every event in the SpeedList starts with a Meet Up. Drive to the Meet Up on the map and drive fast – whoever gets there first gets a Speed Points bonus. If you’re ever stuck, then check the Ticker at the bottom of the screen. It’s always there telling you what to do next. Ready to go?

Speed Level In Multiplayer

Your Multiplayer SpeedLevel determines how much you’ve unlocked to play with. As you go up from SpeedLevel 1 to 70 you’ll unlock more cars, Milestone Lists, Sweet Revenge Awards and License Plates. The number of Speed Points you have determines your Multiplayer SpeedLevel. So if you have played the Single Player game and earned some Speed Points, the next time you return to Multiplayer, you’ll find your SpeedLevel has increased and unlocked even more cool stuff to play with online.

What’s New in NFS: Most Wanted Multiplayer

A pre-selected set of cars for you to drive in Multiplayer. These preset cars can be identified by the icon next to their name in EasyDrive. These cars come with a fixed set of mods designed to get you into online play and cannot be customized.

Custom Cars

Once you reach SpeedLevel 2, you’ll start unlocking cars that you will be able to customize. Each is unlocked with Stock components and a basic paint job. To unlock mods to customize these cars, open up Customize Car in EasyDrive and check out the Milestones that are available. Complete the Milestone and the mod will be yours to equip to that car using the options in EasyDrive.

Tip: Once you’ve unlocked a Milestone for a car, progress towards that Milestone still counts if you’re driving the Need for Speed version of the same car.


Every car has a list of Milestones for you to achieve. Reaching these Milestones will unlock mods and paint for your car. To unlock further mods for your car, complete the mod Milestones. These will require you to complete a Milestone with a mod you have already unlocked equipped to the car.

Milestone Lists

As you get to higher SpeedLevels, lists of additional Milestones will be unlocked. Complete these for Speed Point rewards, collectible License Plates and Pro mods. These Milestone Lists and your progress to completing the Milestones they contain can be viewed in the Milestone Lists section of Driver Details.

Public Game

Online Multiplayer where SpeedLists are served up automatically and everyone competes to be the Highest Scoring Player.

Friends Game

Online Multiplayer between invited players, where players can join up to drive Fairhaven together. Once players are together in a Friends Game, the player that set up the game can then opt to: take the group of players who have joined up together into a Public Game, serve up their own Custom SpeedLists, or kick off automatically served Criterion SpeedLists using the options that are available to them in EasyDrive.

SpeedL ist

SpeedLists are the heart of Multiplayer – a specially selected set of five events that are played back-to-back. The objective of a SpeedList is to finish the SpeedList as the Highest Scoring Player by earning more Speed Points than anyone else.


Fairhaven is a big city and there are lots of things to see and do. For instant access on the move, activate EasyDrive. There’s no need to stop the action, no maps, no wait, and no problem. EasyDrive is designed to take you where you want as you drive.

Select from each car’s events to be guided to it via your mini-map, or select the option to jump straight there and start the action right away. EasyDrive will also remember the last event you played and give you the option to replay it at any time. Want to know the challenge in front of you? EasyDrive grades the difficulty of all the events and tells you the reward you can expect from completing it. And that’s not all. EasyDrive also gives instant access to your Autolog Recommended events. It lets you select Multiplayer and jump straight into the gear-shifting world of Most Wanted online. You will be able to get the latest info on your Most Wanted list and progress on the Most Wanted rankings. You also get fast access to all the vehicles you have discovered; simply select the one you want and you can jump straight to it. Everything you need to know to become the Most Wanted, whenever and wherever you want it, right away at the touch of a button... that’s EasyDrive.


Find a Billboard, discover a Bodyshop, or crash though a Security Gate, and it will be shown on your map. The more you explore the more you’ll discover, and everything you find will appear here along with its SpeedWall challenge.

Your map will also show you all the events you can compete in, with every car you discover opening up more opportunities. Simply select an event and you can jump straight to it, or display a route to reach it.

Map Symbols

Want to locate the nearest Speed Camera? Wondering where the closest Billboard is located? Then select the view you want to see on the map.


Your heads up display (HUD) includes a GPS driven mini-map and is capable of displaying all known race routes used in Fairhaven. The mini-map shows your current route, pursuing police units, and allows you to plan your escape. This modified police kit will also display the radius you must escape in order to evade the police and enter Cooldown.

What Is FPD?

The nemesis of Fairhaven’s street racers, the Fairhaven Police Department has an array of different vehicles and tactics designed to take you down and end your race. You won’t be able to make your name without encountering the cops, and when you do, they will go all out to stop you.


HEAT is the system the FPD uses to prioritize pursuits in Fairhaven. The higher the HEAT level, the more police units and tactics will be deployed to bring a pursuit to an end. Taking down vehicles, speeding, and remaining in a pursuit all increase your HEAT level, making your escape more difficult. Staying out of sight will cause your HEAT level to decrease.


Dispatch is the coordinating voice of the FPD. The police dispatch team gives the FPD’s mobile units their orders, intel and directions.

Patrol Cars

The Crown Victoria is used by police forces across America. Combining speed, durability, and reliability, these Patrol cars are the frontline against street racers. Patrol cops have Lemur, Charlie, and Echo call signs.


Highway cars are upgraded Patrol cars especially modified to handle pursuits. Tougher, faster, and with advanced drivers at the wheel, these units will be called out if their Patrol car colleagues hit trouble. You are that trouble.


Interceptors are the fastest units in the FPD’s garage. Light, nimble, speedy Chevrolet Corvettes crewed by highly skilled drivers; these Interceptors are almost impossible to escape through pure speed alone. All Interceptors use ‘Indigo’ call signs.


The FPD’s heavy hitters; these specially designed Ford Interceptor SUVs are brought in to takedown street racers who just won’t stop for Patrol Cars. Rhino cops use ‘Romeo’ call signs.

Tactical Units

Large, armored police response vehicles; these mobile roadblocks are impossible to takedown. When a pursuit goes on long enough, the police will mobilize these units to make roadblocks, close side roads and reduce your escape options.


Used to contain suspects, police roadblocks can be evaded or taken down. Try to avoid hitting cars around the engine blocks where they are the heaviest, watch out for spikestrips, and if you see a tactical roadblock, evade – these bad boys can’t be taken down.


A chained set of spikes in a plastic cover; these devices puncture tires, slowing vehicles and making them hard to control. Deployed manually across roadblocks, or dropped from intercepting police vehicles, spikestrips have been the end of many street racers.


From Billboards to Jack Spots, Speed Cameras to Bodyshops – there is a lot to find out there.


There are Billboards all around the city just waiting for you to find them and set your distance. To complete a jump and register a score, you will have to smash the Billboard and land without crashing.

Every completed jump will win you Speed Points. If one of your Most Wanted friends has set a distance from a Billboard, then you will see their distance set against yours. The driver with the longest jump will have their picture displayed on that Billboard.

Jack Spots

Fairhaven’s street racers have located Jack Spots around the city. Find the Jack Spots and you can get behind the wheel of some of the finest automotive engineering ever to grace the road. As each vehicle has its own set of five races, you will have to find and drive all these cars before you can truly claim to have mastered the streets of Fairhaven.

Once you have found a Jack Spot, you can jump into the vehicles there through EasyDrive. Stuck in a pursuit? Then switch vehicles at a Jack Spot without being seen to get away. This tactic won’t work in Ambush, though. In Ambush events you will just have to use your skill and wits to get away.

Changing Cars

You can change your car by driving to a Jack Spot, or by jumping to one via EasyDrive.

Speed Cameras

Each Speed Camera has its own SpeedWall to show you who went through these speed traps the fastest.

Security Gates

Concealing escape routes and Jack Spots; Security Gates are there to be crashed through to gain you Speed Points.


There are Bodyshops across Fairhaven, just waiting to fix or re-spray the vehicle you are driving. Driving through a Bodyshop will change the color of your vehicle, and when it’s damaged, will fix it up instantly. If you wreck in Freedrive, then you will restart at your nearest Bodyshop.

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