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Skyrim Dragonborn: How to Ride A Dragon – How to Control

As you know in the Dragonborn DLC of skyrim the main and most attractive thing is that you can ride on a dragon and you cannot fully control him. You can attack with on the enemies on the ground with the magic abilities and kill tem easily or you can just fly him and can visit the whole world of skyrim.

Here we are going to give you a full guide that how you can ride on the dragon and how you can control him and how you can attack on the enemies with the magic abilities. Let’s start with it.

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How to Ride a Dragon

First of all you need to select the Dragon Shout ability Bend Will. (You will obtain Bend Will on the main story quest Dragonborn into the DLC’s main story.)

Now use the Bend Will shout during an encounter of the dragon and with the hit of the ability to dragon, dragon will be land near you, now speak with the dragon and he will allow you to ride on him. PRESS A.

You do not have direct control but you can attack enemies on the ground with magic abilities or dragon attack specific enemies. PRESS B to have the Dragon attack enemies. PRESS A to land the dragon.

The dragon can also be used to fast travel, just use the map and the dragon will fly you there.

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