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Spec Ops: The Line Intel Locations Collectible Guide

There are totally 23 hidden Intel in the new 2KS game Spec Ops: The Line. And we know you guys want to find every single Intel in game. Here in this guide you will find every single Intel with its location, which will help you in your game to find them easily.


By collecting all of these you will unlock several achievements including the "Intel Operative" achievement for collecting all of them. If you want more help about the game you should also read our Achievements and Trophies Guide and How To Unlock Every Ending.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

Spotter (10 points / Bronze)

Recover one Intel Item.

Recon (25 points / Silver)

Recover 12 Intel Items.

Intel Operative (50 points / Gold)

Recover all Intel Items.

Here below check out the video where you will find the location of every Intel.

Chapter 1: 0:12

Chapter 2: 0:38

Chapter 3: 1:17

Chapter 4: 1:33

Chapter 5: 2:07

Chapter 6: 2:55

Chapter 7: 3:15

Chapter 9: 3:48

Chapter 10: 4:11

Chapter 12: 4:39

Chapter 13: 5:40

Chapter 14: 6:20

Chapter 15: 6:56

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