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Strike Suit Zero Controls Guide

In Strike Suit Zero, there are many functional keys to use and our controlsguide will help you to control your space craft and destroy your enemies. Check below the Strike Suit ZeroFlight, Combat and StrikeSuit controls and how to customizecontrols.


How to customize Strike Suit Zero Controls?

Select “OPTIONS” from the Main Menu and then “CUSTOMIZE CONTROLS” to reconfigure the controls to your own particular preference. You can switch between input devices (including joysticks) or adjust the invert, sensitivity, dead zones and other options in the “CONTROL OPTIONS” selection.

Check below the Strike Suit Zero default controls below:

Strike Suit Zero Flight Controls

  • Thrust Forward - W Key / Left Trigger
  • Brake - S Key / Left Bumper
  • Roll Left - A Key / Left Analog Stick left
  • Roll Right - D Key / Left Analog Stick right
  • Thrusters - Left Shift / Press Left Analog Stick (whilst Thrusting Forward)
  • Steer / Aim - Mouse / Right Analog Stick

Strike Suit Zero Combat Controls

  • Target Objective or Nearest - F Key / B Button
  • Target Ahead - R Key / X Button
  • Primary Fire - Mouse 1 / RT
  • Secondary Fire - Mouse 2 / RB (Hold to lock-on to target when applicable)
  • Select Torpedoes (Bomber only) - Space Bar / A Button
  • Switch Guns - V Key / D-Pad Right
  • Switch Missiles - B Key / D-Pad Left
  • Link/Unlink Plasma Guns - X Key / D-Pad Up
  • EMP - Left Ctrl / Y Button

Strike Suit Zero Strike Suit

  • Switch Modes - Space Bar / A Button
  • Vertical Movement Up - E Key / Left Bumper or D-Pad Up
  • Vertical Movement Down - Q Key / Left Trigger or D-Pad Down
  • Strafe Left - A Key / D-Pad Left
  • Strafe Right - D Key / D-Pad Right
  • Dash - Double tap movement direction
  • Auto Aim/Rotate - Left Shift / Y Button. Press and hold whilst destroying targets to automatically face next nearest target.

Strike Suit Zero Miscellaneous Controls

  • Pause - Esc / Start
  • Change Camera - C key / Back

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