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The Elder Scroll Skyrim: All Followers Location And Description Guide

In the many towns and cities, you can found some followers that can help you in your quest. Just finding them in the massive open-world setting of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim isn’t easy.


Here is the list of all followers that you can find in the skyrim cities.

NOTE: Followers that are also trainers, when you pay them to train you, will leave your money in their inventory. Simply request to see their inventory and take your gold back for free training.


They are mercenaries, you have to need to hire them. They’ll stick around until they’re dismissed, then you’ll need to pay the fee to get them back.


Location: Jenassa can b found in Whiterun, inside the Drunken Huntsman.

Description: She will only join you for 500 gold. If dismissed her, go back to Whiterun and need to be paid again before she’ll follow you. She is a ranger, with specialty in archery, and a criminal disposition.


Location: Belrand can be Found in Solitude, of Haafingar.

Description: Belrand is a Spellsword, trained in one-handed weapons, light armor, and destruction / restoration magic.


Location: Vorstag can be Found in Markarth, of The Reach.

Description: Nord warrior, he’s trained in one-handed weapons, block, archery, and heavy armor.


Location: Stenvar can  be Find this one in Windhelm, of Eastmarch.

Description: He’s a standard knight, trained in two-handed combat, heavy armor, block, and archery.


Location: Marcurio can be Found in Riften, of The Rift.

Description: He’s trained in Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, and Conjuration magic. He also has some sneak skill.

Erik the Slayer

Location: Erik the Slayer can be found in Rorikstead, of Whiterun.

Description: He won’t join you so easily. Talk to Erick in the fields outside of town, then talk to Erik’s father in the Frostfruit Inn. Mralki must be persuaded, bribed, or intimidated into letting little Erik follow his dreams. When that’s done, Erik the Slayer will become a hireling in the Frostfruit Inn. He’s a barbarian, trained in two-handed weapons, light armor, archery, and block.


Description: She becomes available as you complete the main quest chain. Finishing quests for Jarl Balgruuf, you’ll eventually be promoted to Thane, chosen as the Dragonborn, and be given a personal assistant. Lydia is a thief, she excels in sneaking. She can also be married.

Jordis the Sword-Maiden

Location: Jordis can be found in Solitude, of Haafingar.

Description: She is trained in heavy armor, one-handed weapons, archery, and block.

Argis the Bulwark

Location: Argis can be Find him in Markarth, of The Reach.

Description: He is trained in heavy armor, one-handed weapons, archery, and block.


Location: Calder can be Find him in Windhelm, of Windhelm.

Description: He is trained in one-handed weapons, heavy armor, block, and archery.


Location: Iona can be Find in Riften, of The Rift.

Description: She is trained in one-handed weapons heavy armor, and archery.

Companions Faction

All of these followers can be located at Jorrvaskr, the Companions’ faction headquarters in Whiterun. Join as a member, then talk to them each individually to learn their quests.


Description: A one-handed, block, and light armor warrior, he’s also an expert trainer with one-handed weapons.


Description: Warrior trained in one-handed weapons and heavy armor. He is also a master heavy armor trainer.

Njada Stonearm

Description: A female warrior trained in speech, block, and one-handed weapons. She is an expert block trainer.


Description: A warrior trained in one-handed weapons, archery, block, and heavy armor.


Description: A warrior trained in one-handed weapons, heavy armor, archery, and block.


Description: A knight trained in two-handed weapons and heavy armor. He’s a master two-handed weapons trainer.

Aela the Huntress

Description: Trained in archery and light armor, she can sneak, fight with one-handed weapons, and has some speech skill. She is an expert archery trainer.

College of Winterhold Faction

As a member of The College of Winterhold, your fellow students will join need to complete their specific quest, simply talk to them and they’ll tell you what they need.


Description: Trained in one-handed weapons, heavy armor, destruction, and illusion magic.


Description: Trained in destruction, illusion, one-handed, and heavy armor.

Brelyna Maryon

Description: A true mage, trained in conjuration, alteration, illusion, and sneak.

Dark Brotherhood Faction

Complete all the quests for the Dark Brotherhood, and you can get these followers.

Dark Brotherhood Initiate

These followers will only join you after completing the Dark Brotherhood quest string. Find them at the Dawnstar Sanctuary, in The Pale Hold. They are trained in one-handed weapons, sneak, light armor, and archery.


Description: This strange man will also only join you once the Dark Brotherhood quests are complete. He is trained in sneak, one-handed, light armor, and archery. Find him in the Dawnstar Sanctuary, in The Pale Hold.

Dungeon Followers


Description: Illia is located in Darklight Tower, of The Rift. Find her and let her join you as you explore the dungeon. Make sure she survives and she’ll join you. Illia ia a rare mage, armed with destruction, restoration, conjuration, and alteration magic.


Location: Goldor can ne Find this follower in Hillgrund’s Tomb.

Description: Help him defeat the warlock Vals Veran, and he can be recruited outside the tomb. Goldir is a warrior that specializes in two-handed weapons and heavy armor.

Favor Followers

Description: You have to need to complete favors, tasks, or short quests to get these followers.


Description: Talk to Faendel in Riverwood, he’ll wait near the Wood Mill. He has a quest for you. Faendel is a male bosmer. Complete the quest in Faendel’s favor he’s in a love triangle with Sven. If you complete the quest in Sven’s favor, he’ll join you instead. Faendel offers more benefits than Sven. He’s an archer, and can train your character in archery up to five times in exchange for gold. Faendel, as a trainer, will take your gold when trained. But, if you have him as a follower, you can always enter his inventory. When you pay him to train you, just take your money back out of his inventory. Faendel does not approve of criminal activity, and will side with guards against you if you attack them.


Description: Sven is a male nord, also found in Riverwood. To get him on your side, talk to Faendel and complete his quest in Sven’s favor. He’s a bard, and can be found in the Sleeping Giant Inn playing music.

Uthgerd the Unbroken

Description: This female nord can be found in the Bannered Mare Tavern, in Whiterun. She is melee hand-to-hand specialist. To recruit her, you’ll need to talk to her and agree to an unarmed fight. If you defeat her with just your fists, she’ll join you as a follower. Uthgerd owns a house in Whiterun, if you recruit her, you can find the key in her inventory.


Location: Find him in Dushnikj Yal, of The Reach. Talk to him and complete his favor or task and he’ll join you. Ghorbash is an orc, trained in archery and light armor.


Location: Found in Mor Khazgur, of The Reach. Complete her task and she’ll join you. She is an orc warrior, proficient in one-handed weapons and heavy armor. She can also use a bow if you need back-up.


Location: Cosnarch is located in Markarth, of the Reach. He wishes to challenge you to a fight, prove your strength to get on his good side. This is another warrior, trained well in one-handed weapons, heavy armor, and block.


Description: Another hand-to-hand melee fighter, Benor wishes to spar. Find him in Hjaalmarch, in Morthal. This knight is trained in two-handed weapons and heavy armor.

Ahtar the Jailor

Location: Ahtar can be Find Ahtar in Haafingar, in Solitude, waiting inside the Castle Dour Jail.

Description: Ahtar will request for you to kill a bandit leader. The small quest will give you a location of the camp, travel there and kill the bandit, then talk to Ahtar. Ahtar is trained in two-handed weapons and heavy armor.

Roggi Knot-Beard

Location: Roggi can be Find this follower in Kynesgrove, in Eastmarch. He’s trained in alchemy, enchanting, one-handed weapons, and smithing.


Location and Description: This follower is found in Darkwater Pass, in Eastmarch. They’re kidnapped, freeing them will definately increase your reputation with this follower. They’re trained in one-handed combat, block, sneaking, light armor, and archery.

Annekke Crag-Jumper

Location: Annekke can be found in adventuring in Darkwater Crossing, in Eastmarch Hold.

Description: The archer is trained in light-armor, block, sneak, one-handed weapons, and naturally in archery.

Mjoll the Lioness

Location: You can find him in Riften, of The Rift.

Description: She’s trained in two-handed weapons, heavy armor, archery, and block. Also, she isn’t actually Khajiit.


Location: Kharjo is a bodyguard in Ahkari’s Caravan, of Khajiit Caravans.

Description: She’s a follower, trained in one-handed weapons, archery, block, and heavy armor.

Animal Followers

Dogs can do everything regular humanoid followers can do except carry items.


Description: Buy this dog at Markarth Stables, of The Reach, for 500 gold.

Stray Dog

Location: This dog can be found during a random encounter throughout the world. Either among the dead after a Dragon attack, or with the dog defending against wolves.


Location: Find this dog near Meeko’s Shack, in the Hjaalmarch region.

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