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The Elder Scroll Skyrim: Dragon Priest Mask Locations Guide

Dragon Priests are high level bosses found near Word Walls. In life they were skilled Nordicmages who worshipped the Dragons, and even in death, they continue their service, guarding the Word Walls that would facilitate the learning of Dragon shouts. They mostly depend on magic in battle, and can summon various Atronachs. Their undead form disintegrates after death. They also drop "Dragon Priest Masks". Each mask has different enchantments. The structure in The Labyrinthian suggests that there are 8 priests (or at least masks) in total but once someone has collected all the eight masks and placed them in the "past" a ninth Konahrik mask will appear. The Wooden Mask is the key to "collecting" and placing all the masks.



Location: Valthume in The Reach during Evil in Waiting.

Effect: Immune to disease and poison

Description: Hevnoraak is a dragon mask acquired from the Dragon Priest of same name in Voltune. The dragon priest awakens as a part of the quest Evil In Waiting.


How to Obtain: It is obtained after collecting the previous 8 Dragon Priest Masks, and the Wooden Mask, followed by placing the other 8 Dragon Priest Masks on the correct pedestals. The 8 masks can be removed after taking Konahrik.

Effects: When the wearer is low on health, there is a chance that the mask will knock back enemies, heal the wearer and any nearby allies, and grant a fire cloak for a brief time.

Description: On very rare occasions, the mask will summon a spectral Dragon Priest to come to your aid. Both effects activate the same way. Konahrik is the 9th Dragon Priest Mask which has some rather interesting traits. Its name means Warlord in theDragon language.


Location: Shearpoint in The Pale

Effect: Lockpicking+20%,Alchemy+20%,Archery+20%

Description: The Mask of Krosis is dropped by the Dragon Priest, Krosis upon his death. Krosis is found on Shearpoint ridge in front of a Word Wall , and is accompanied by a dragon. Krosis is one of eightDragon Priests of Skyrim.

The Mask of Krosis is enchanted with a 20% bonus to Lockpicking, Archery, and Alchemy.


Location: Labyrinthian in Hjaalmarch during The Staff of Magnus

Effect: Magicka Regen+100%

Description: Morokei's Mask is obtained after defeating Morokei. He is found at the end ofThe College of Winterhold quest line. Morokei's Mask is one of eight Dragon Priest Masks. Because Morokei Mask is considered armor, it negates theAlteration perk, "Mage Armor".

Otar Mask

Location: Ragnvald in The Reach.

Effect: Resist Fire, Frost, and Shock all +30%

Description: The Otar Mask, is one of the 8 Dragon Priest Masks. Found on and worn byOtar the Mad in Ragnvald Temple.


Location: Forelhost, The Rift

Effect: +70 Stamina

Description: This location is southeast of Riften and west of Broken Helm Hollow, in The Rift Hold. You’ll be sent here during the “Siege on the Dragon Cult” Quest, given by Captain Valmir.


Location: High Gate Ruins in The Pale. Found in quest A Scroll for Anska

Effect: Conjuration+20%, Illusion+20%,Alteration+20%

Description: West of Dawnstar, east of Solitude, and north of Ustengrav. This dungeon features three parts, with the third part containing the Dragon Priest Vokun. At the beginning of the dungeon, a companion named Anska can join you. If you’re alone, bring her. Behind the Dragon Priest is another chamber containing a Word of Power.

Volsung Mask

Location: Volskygge in Haafingar.

Effect: Adds 20 to carry maximum, water-breathing and improves prices by 20%.

Description: To find the dungeon, search southwest of Fort Hraggstead and just north of Deepwood Redoubt in the Haafingar Hold. The dungeon has three parts — the Dragon Priest Volsung is in Volskygge Peak, the third part.

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