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Tomb Raider: All Tombs Locations and Puzzle Guide

There are 7 optional Tombs in Tomb Raider. Completing them all will net the following award, as well as a Treasure Map  for an area on the island. You will also unlock an Achievement/Trophy if you complete all these 7 tombs.


  • Intellectually Superior (50 G)
  • All optional tombs completed.

In order to unlock this Achievement/Trophy you have to throughout all these 7 Tombs in-game. Completing any tomb will show collectible locations within the area of the Tomb.

In order to complete the Tomb you have to pass through a puzzle in order to access the treasure.

Cartography skill in the Survivor Skill tree will reveal all Tomb entrances and map locations on your map. You will need to obtain the Skill level of Specialist in order to purchase this Skill.

Here is the list of all the 7 Tombs that you can find in the game and can access them.

Mountain Village

  • Night: Tomb of the Unworthy
  • Day: Halls of Ascension Tomb


  • Well of Tears Tomb
  • Chamber of Judgement Tomb

Summit Forest

  • Stormguard Sanctum Tomb

Shipwreck Beach

  • Day: The Flooded Vault Tomb
  • Night: Temple of the Handmaidens Tomb

If by chance you miss any of them, you can Fast Travel back via a Base Camp to a previous location and seek out what you missed.

If you are looking to complete all the challenges you can use our guide below, which will help you to get the exact location and detail of every challenge.

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Tomb Raider: All Tombs Locations and Puzzle Guide

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