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Tomb Raider: All Treasure Map Locations Guide

Treasure Map will help you to show up the hidden collectibles like Documents, GPS and Relics in a region of the island. Once you have that you can track hidden items or missing item that you can’t find by marking them in you in-game map.


The 14 Treasure Map show you on your Map the Location from the Documents, GPS and Relics when you collect this Map for this Area.

In Survivor-tree you have 2 Skills which help a Lot to find Collectibles. (Orienteering and Cartography) 
You can set a Marker on your Map to uncollected Item and when you use Survival Instinct in-game, you see a blue beam of light on the Location from the marked Collectible.

If you are looking to complete all the challenges you can use our guide below, which will help you to get the exact location and  detail of every challenge.

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Treasure Map Locations Guide

Here is the video guide of all the Treasure Map location that you can find in the game to revealed the hidden or missing collectibles that you missed.

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