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Tomb Raider: Cairn Raider Challenge in Shipwreck Beach Guide

Cairn Raider is the 10th challenge in Shipwreck Beach mission in Tomb Raider, in order to complete this challenge you have to find the 5 Cairns. Here in this guide we are going to cover all locations of 5 Cairns that you have to collect. After she retrieves the block and tackle for Reyes and Jonah from the first shipwreck you can find them all.

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Shipwreck Beach: Cairn Raider Challenge

Here is the location of all the 5 Cairns that have to find and destroy in this mission to complete this challenge.

Cairn – 01 Location:

You can find this cairn is on a rock ledge by the Sea Mine and GPS cache, where you lands from the Gondola ride.


Cairn – 02 Location:

You can find this on the top mesa top, where you need to manuever two floatation buoys to reach a climb-able wall.


Cairn – 03 Location:

Just east of the rust red Imperial Japanese Army tank, you will find this on a rocky outcrop.


Cairn – 04 Location:

This one is at the base of the shanty tower used to reach the Flooded Vault tomb and Cliffside Bunker.


Cairn – 05 Location:

You will find the last of Cairn on southeast of the entrance of the Flooded Vault tomb. The cairn is past the second tree.


Shipwreck Beach: Cairn Raider Challenge

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