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Tomb Raider: Previous Inhabitants Challenge in Cliffside Bunker Guide

Previous Inhabitants is the 12th challenge in Cliffside Bunker mission in Tomb Raider, in order to complete this challenge you have to Burn the 4 Chrysanthemum Banners of the Imperial Japanese Army. Here in this guide we are going to cover all locations of 4 Chrysanthemum Banners that you have to burn. You can use the fire Arrow or the torch to burn them.

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Cliffside Bunker Beach: Previous Inhabitants Challenge

Here is the location of all the 4 Chrysanthemum Banners that have to find and destroy in this mission to complete this challenge.

Chrysanthemum Banner – 01 Location:

Before slides through the crack in the wall, you will find the first flag in the gun bunker.


Chrysanthemum Banner – 02 Location:

You can find this flag on the main bunker building's roof.


Chrysanthemum Banner – 03 Location:

When you first enters the bunker's big main room. It above to you look up to see this one.


Chrysanthemum Banner – 04 Location:

You will find this flag near the Endurance Overlook day camp on the crane above the army truck that's parked.


Cliffside Bunker Beach: Previous Inhabitants Challenge Video Guide

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