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Tomb Raider: Sun Killer Challenge in Research Base Guide

Sun Killer is the 13th and last challenge in Research Base mission in Tomb Raider, in order to complete this challenge you have to shoot 5 Sun Totems. Here in this guide we are going to cover all locations of 5 Sun Totems that you have to shoot.

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Research Base Beach: Sun Killer Challenge

Here is the location of all the 5 Sun Totems that have to find and destroy in this mission to complete this challenge.

Sun Totem – 01 Location:

Before dropping down into the facility, look to your left side you will find it past the crack in the wall.


Sun Totem – 02 Location:

When you open the locked door to the GPS across the base camp, it is on your left side.


Sun Totem – 03 Location:

When you solve the puzzle there in the elevator you will find it at the bottom.


Sun Totem – 04 Location:

You find the second last totem in the caged area with the patrolling enemies.


Sun Totem – 05 Location:


Research Base Beach: Sun Killer Challenge Video Guide

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