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MSI launching new G-Series Motherboards, Graphic Cards and A-I-O PCs

MSI is going to be an Enthusiastic again, new motherboards, new graphic cards and new all-in-one PCs are going to announce at the CeBIT conference, which is starting March 5 in Hannover, Germany. MSI called its new products G-Series and the official website has started countdown to reveal products. MSI was announced that the Killer E2200 network chip will be integrating in future products. Now MSI has published the first glimpse of its upcoming Z77A-GD65 Motherboard and GeForce GTX 670 graphic card.

The first image indicates the Z77A-GD65 Motherboard’s box, showing the Killer E2200 features dragon motherboard and the second image showing a GTX 670’s cooler. MSI claims it upcoming gaming motherboards will range in features and price to suit every gamers' need with better Audio features, the best Gaming network chip on the market and an all-out optimized third generation motherboard for the Intel 7 series chipset. The firm has also claimed that gamers can blindly trust on MSI’s G-series gaming products.

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MSI will also announce its upcoming all-in-one desktop PC MSI AG2712, which is equipped with one of the fastest and most advanced graphic card NVidia GeForce GTX670MX. The MSI’s new A-I-O PCs will feature 10-finger multi-touch interface with Intel Core i7 processor, 27” anti-glare full HD resolution display and a top-notch audio solution by THX TruStudio Pro.

MSI’s upcoming graphic cards are equipped with red color scheme and features Twin Frozr to complete an all MSI Gaming setup much like the record-holding Lightning graphics cards fit the Z77 MPOWER. These new graphics cards are the first addition to an MSI Gaming ecosystem, where gamers can mix and match MSI GAMING products for even better performance.

Just wait for official announcement to get more information, prices and availability.

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