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Far Cry 3: How to Capture Outpost undetected to get Huge XP Bonus

In Far Cry 3, outposts are enemy camps located across the island that control the local enemy presence. Killing every enemy in an outpost will allow you to liberate it. Outposts are indicated by black smoke stacks and red flags. Regions that are controlled by outposts are colored red on the World map. These areas will clear up as outposts are liberated.

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How to Capture Outpost undetected

At every outpost, you can get up to 1500-Xp. Here below you will find the different XP Bonus, check it below.


XP: 500

What to Do: All hostiles neutralized.


XP: 550

What to Do: All hostiles neutralized with no alarm activated (no reinforcements). Destroy or disable alarm system to insure this condition.


XP: 1500

What to Do: All hostiles neutralized without Jason being detected by any enemy, even those enemies passing in the Vehicles.

Capture Outpost Undetected:

Below is the full guide of to Capture Outpost Undetected, what you should to do, which weapon you should to use and other thing you should do when capturing the outpost. Let’s start with it.

Outpost View:

First of all look for a spot where you can see the outpost Cleary and easily see the enemies at the outpost. To get the full view of the outpost look for a higher spot from the outpost, this will give you a proper view of the outpost and also you can see the all enemies at the outpost.

Use Camera:

Enemies can be spotted and tracked if you target them with your camera. Before attempting to liberate an outpost, your best bet is to hide off in the distance and scout the place out. Enemies will appear with markers above their heads until killed, so take your time.

Use Sniper Rifle With Silencer:

You will unlock the first sniper rifle by completing the two early Path of the Hunter missions at AM12 and at Valsa Docks.

Use Sniper Rifle to kill the enemies from a large distance. After killing the one enemy by sniper change your position because enemies at the post will look for you to your direction.


Most outposts will have one or more alarms set up. After triggered enemy reinforcements will show up and make the outpost more difficult to liberate. Alarm systems can be manually disabled when Jason gets close to an alarm box and "hotwires" it. Once a single alarm is disabled, all others will automatically be disabled with it. Note that shooting an alarm box only disables that particular box. Liberating an outpost without sounding an alarm will provide you with an XP bonus.

Animal Cages Best way to keep Undetected

Several outposts throughout Far Cry 3 will have one or more animal cages located within them. Shoot the cage will break and the animal within will be set free. it will continue attacking them until it dies. Shooting them with non-silent weapons will not alert enemies so long as you're well hidden.

When you use animals to attack at the enemies you can also use your silencer weapons to kill the enemies, it is best to use Sniper rifle from a distance to kill and keep undetected.

Use the Bow:

The Bow is a one-shot kill when used against normal enemies, and is also silent. Make sure to use this to your advantage, as the arrows are retrievable and thus not as heavy a burden on your wallet when it comes time to replenish your ammunition.

Fire, FIRE!!!

No matter the cause, fire always appears to enemies as a naturally occurring disaster. Always carry a Flamethrower, Repair tool, and Molotovs with you when capturing outposts. If you light some buildings or nearby trees on fire, the enemies in the outpost will begin to panic, but not sound the alarms so long as they don't spot you. Use this to your advantage when trying to take out some tricky alarms.

Hide the Bodies:

Enemies will begin to panic if they spot their best friend's corpse lying on the ground. While you're executing an enemy with your knife, pull back, and drag their corpse away from the scene of the crime. If at all possible, hid the corpse in bushes or somewhere not within view of the other enemies.

Stay on the Move:

When engaging enemies from afar, adjusting your postion is key. Even a small change in position will make it harder for enemies to locate you. Shoot, move, shoot, move. This will make even the most heavily guarded outposts a walk-in-the-park.

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