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Hitman: Absolution How To Collect All Play Style Guide (Jack of All Trades Achievement)

If you want to unlock Jack of All Trades Achievement, you need to collect all 20 play style. In order to get all these play styles you need to do kills with different types like have to kill with explosive or stealth kill or kill with silenced handgun or kill as accidental means and much more….


Here on this page we are going to cover all the 20 play style for you, so that you can easily collect them and can unlock this achievement.

If you having any trouble in single-player game mode, you can get help about it on our video walkthroughAchievementsTrophies and for additional help find out more about game on Hitman: Absolution full game guide page.

You can find more about it here.

Here is the list of all 20 play style that you need to collect in the game to unlock the achievement Jack of All Trades.

Play Style:

All the play style can be done on Easy difficulty and most likely have to be done during a mission separately.

Needle Pumper

Conduct stealth kills with syringe.


Hiding pacified bodies in body dumps.

Piano Man

Commit fibre-wire kills

Reaper Man

Accrue kills from point-shooting


Commit choke-holds 

Dynasty Warrior

Commit kills with the katana.

Dynamite Harry

Commit kills with remote explosives



Commit kills with a revolver.


Commit kills with drink bottles.


Commit kills with bare-handed combat.


Commit kills with the fire axe.


Stealth kill with a knife.


Commit kills with wood clubs (golf clubs)


Have 47 take damage from enemy attacks.


Commit sharp object throw-kills.


Eliminate enemies with a silenced handgun.


Commit kills via accidental means.


Commit kills with a sniper rifle

Glass Cannon

Commit kills with a shotgun

Bank Robber

Take hostages and get them killed by enemies.

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