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Roccat introduced new Kone Pure gaming mice in different colors

On the fifth anniversary of the Kone gaming mice, Roccat has declared colorful limited edition of Kone Pure mice. These mice will be available in Orange, Red, White and Blue colors and entitled respectively inferno Orange, hellfire Red, phantom White and polar Blue. The all mice have same features and specifications. All are features 8200 DPI laser sensor, a 72 MHz 32-bits ARM Turbo Core V2 processor, Omron Switches and 576 KB of built-in memory to save profiles and macros.

There are seven programmable buttons; soft-touch surface and color lighting system are also features in Roccat’s latest colorful Kone Pure. The mice support accelerations of up to 30G and connect via USB 2.0 and speeds of 3.8 m/s.

Roccat has didn’t announced price and availability details yet.

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