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How to test RAM using Windows Memory Diagnostic tool

RAM is a major component of Central Processing Unit (CPU) and computer can’t be start without it. RAM may have many problems and if it has any problem you may face Blue Screen or display problem. Check our quick guide to test your RAM in windows using Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool for errors.

Just follow simple steps below:

  • Press Windows + R buttons
  • Now type mdsched.exe in Run Command window and click OK
  • A small window will appear with two different options,


  • If you go with the first one (Restart Now and Check for Problems) it will restart your PC, before chose it be sure you have save your work.
  • And if you select the second option (Check the Problems the next time I start my Computer) it will allow you to continue your work when you will restart your Computer the windows will run the RAM test.

You can select the option, you suit. When your computer will restart and will load a screen that shows the test progress on the memory. You can watch the errors here if there is no any error then you should check other hardware or software to find the issues.

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